Banana peel boiling water

banana has great benefits to human body, can improve constipation, relieve mood, and for weight loss, eating some bananas is easy to have a sense of satiety, which is also very helpful for weight loss. From the perspective of nutrition, banana is rich in nutrients and vitamins, which has a good effect on increasing personal resistance. What about banana peel? I believe we all don’t believe that

banana peel boiling water

has the same good effect on human body.

can I drink boiled water from banana peel? This is a question questioned by many friends. Banana peel contains nutrients such as polysaccharides, protein, vitamin C and so on, which is not suitable for diabetics. But the banana peel boiled water, especially suitable for patients with hypertension and oral ulcer friends.

dry the banana peel, add a Chinese medicine huotanmu (also known as huotanmao), boil water together, and use the right amount of brown sugar seasoning, drink can cure oral ulcer. The banana peel and rock sugar together with water simmer, drink twice a day, can cure wind fire toothache, and the role of vasodilator, can assist in lowering blood pressure, prevention and treatment of stroke and angina pectoris. Drunk, drink a bowl, but also clear profit leader.

Taiwan researchers found that banana peel extract is rich in serotonin, which can help relieve depression. Lutein in banana peel can protect eye cells from UV damage.

in addition, people with hemorrhoids or bloody stool can cure hemorrhoids and relieve the symptoms of bloody stool by baking the banana skin on the fire or stewing the banana skin.

banana peel boiling water

is not as bad as you think, on the contrary, it is very good for human body. Nutrition experts point out that the boiled water of banana peel can be drunk. In fact, we can use Xiangjiapi to polish shoes, leather clothes and leather sofas in ordinary times, which has a certain maintenance effect on leather products. Moreover, after wiping with banana peel, we feel that the leather will be very bright.

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