Banana peel has the function of whitening teeth.

banana is a kind of fruit that people like to eat everyday. It not only tastes good and is cheap, but also contains a variety of nutrients that the body needs. However, the magical use of banana peel is relatively ignored:

Banana peel has the function of whitening teeth


whitening teeth do not have to go to the dentist to do professional care. Rub the teeth with the inner layer of fresh banana peel for about two minutes every day. The salicylic acid and citric acid contained in banana peel can effectively reduce the stains on the surface of teeth without weakening the enamel of teeth.

roast chicken

roast chicken breast or steak, if in the oven or pan barbecue, it is easy to make meat tough or dry. At this time, you can use the inner layer of banana skin to smear the surface of the meat. It will form a natural barrier, like a layer of skin, which helps to lock in moisture, help the meat to retain its delicious natural gravy, and melt the fragrance. The taste is better. But be careful, too raw banana skin will have astringency.

insect bites

when it comes to mosquito bites or insect bites in summer, gently rub the affected area with the inner layer of banana skin, or mash the banana skin and add ginger juice, all of which have the effect of detumescence, anti-inflammatory and pain relief. Because the pericarp contains intact polysaccharides, it can penetrate into skin cells, relieve swelling and inflammation, and promote healing.


wash the banana and bake it slowly on the fire, then eat it while it is hot. It can improve hemorrhoids and bloody stool.


take yogurt or juice container, put banana peel, and drill holes on the container. The sweet smell of banana peel, yogurt or juice will attract flies. They can climb in, but they can’t fly out through the small hole. This is the most natural fly trap.

age spot

the white vein in the inner layer of banana peel, that is, the white fiber on the inner surface, contains & lt; Banana peel & quot;, It can cure skin diseases caused by bacterial infection. It can also be used to wipe hands and face. It is said that it can eliminate senile spots. Let’s have a try.


Apple will emit volatile compounds; Ethylene;, It is an active ingredient that can stimulate the ripening effect. Putting other fruits in plastic bags can accelerate the ripening of fruits. Banana peel has the same effect, but remember that fruits that need to be ripened should not be put into the refrigerator.


sometimes it is accidentally pricked to the skin by sawdust. After a long time, the wound may become inflamed or purulent. If the sawdust is very small, it is difficult for the naked eye to identify it. At this time, cut a banana skin of appropriate size and apply it to the wound for more than 30 minutes. The inner layer of the skin contains & lt; Enzyme & quot; It will penetrate into the skin and react with the wound tissue around the sawdust, causing the tissue to expand and slowly remove the sawdust; Push up & quot; To the surface of the skin, easy to remove, but also to avoid pricking pain.


shoes will be slightly stained or worn when worn out. In addition to applying shoe polish, you can also use the inner layer of banana skin to gently wipe the vamp, and then use a soft cloth to wipe it clean; Potassium & quot; Absorbed by leather, it can smooth stains or wear marks. The main component of leather brightener also contains potassium.


many people have placed plants in their homes for greening. After a period of time, the color is gray and looks listless. At this time, the inner layer of banana peel can be used to wipe the leaves, stems and trunks. Banana skin contains natural oil, has the effect of lubricating light, but also to remove the dust on the surface. Cut up the remaining banana peel and put it into the soil. The potassium in it is a good fertilizer.


CD can be repaired with banana peel inner layer if it has slight scratch, which leads to poor playback. Clean up the CD first, gently wipe the inner layer of banana peel in the direction of clock, wipe the residue of the peel with soft cotton cloth, and then spray the glass cleaner gently until the CD is clean. The natural peel wax will fill the scratches without damaging the plastic surface and can repair the scratches on the disc.

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