Battery car battery is not durable? Replenish fluid to repair!

the battery of the battery car generally doesn’t last two years, which is the words of the layman. A lot of people were cheated with a totally enclosed battery. General batteries can be repaired with battery replenishing solution. Why can’t a fully enclosed battery car be repaired.

Battery car battery is not durable? Replenish fluid to repair!

with a dead horse as a living horse doctor mentality, Xiaobian pried open the battery, do not see do not know, a look to know the original so-called fully closed, inside and ordinary car lead-acid batteries, can add battery fluid repair. Battery supplement, 2 yuan a bottle, Mopei city has sold, 450 ml or so. A bottle can generally repair a battery car, a group of 4 batteries.

tips to extend the battery life of electric vehicles

2 yuan cost, more than 200 yuan income, no wonder there are so many thieves stealing batteries now. If you want to be rich, take a dangerous road!

1. Pry open the cover plate on the battery first. Because of the glue inside, the cover plate is broken after prying open. No harm.

2. There are six small holes in it, which are covered with rubber caps. Take it away with the surrounding white absorbent cotton.

3. Use an injection syringe and add about 25ml of replenishing liquid into each small hole (depending on the lack of liquid in the personal battery, pay attention not to exceed the upper plate, otherwise the liquid in the charging will be full, because the liquid will boil when charging, and it will be pumped back when adding too much). Pay attention to the air permeability of the hole, otherwise you can’t add it in.

4, wipe the leakage around, restore the cap and absorb cotton. Wrap the battery with tape. At this point, your battery can be used for another two years. OK! If you think it’s useful, you can do it.

best electric car charging every day

how to charge electric car? Xiaobian did a small random survey. A few months ago, Miss Li bought an electric car, but she didn’t expect that the battery would be used soon; Strike & quot; It’s too late. It is understood that Miss Li’s electric car travels a lot of miles every day. She always goes to charge until the battery is completely used up. Sometimes she forgets to pull out the power and charge it for a long time.

experts suggest: it’s best to charge every day. How to charge it to prolong the service life of the battery? In the Leye electric vehicle sales shop on Xiaoshao Road, the assistant said that the charging time of electric vehicles should be controlled within 10 hours, and it is easy to damage the battery if the charging time is too long. Every time the battery is charged, it should be charged before the battery is used up. In this way, the damage to the battery is relatively small and the service life is relatively long. The key to the service life of electric vehicles is the reasonable use and maintenance of batteries.

the short service life of many electric vehicles is mainly due to the improper use of the battery. The charging time should be reasonably controlled according to the mileage, and the charging time should not be too long. According to the introduction of a professional electric vehicle repair shop in the commercial city, if the electric vehicle is used every day, it should be charged every day, unless it is less than one or two kilometers. When charging, the battery must be fully charged. When the red indicator light of the charger is on, it means that the battery has entered the constant voltage floating charging state. At this time, it does not mean that the battery is fully charged (about 70-80%). Generally, the battery can be fully charged in 4-8 hours. When the charger is fully charged, the green light is on. Once charged, the battery should be fully charged no matter how much power is consumed.

“ At present, the warranty period of most battery cars on the market is one year, and the battery charging times can be about 250 to 300 times& rdquo; For many years engaged in E-bike sales staff, in the maintenance of the following suggestions: riding start, do not rely solely on electric start, to cooperate with pedal power; In addition, even if you don’t use it for a long time, you have to charge the battery once every half a month. This extends the battery life. In addition, the tires should be fully inflated, and the switch should be turned off in time when getting off.

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