Be careful of these bleached foods

Be careful of these bleached food

be careful of these bleached food

fresh lotus root: be careful of all white and clean

lotus root itself prone to oxidative browning, affecting its beauty, some vendors will use some food additives to bleach it, if it is too white, you have to pay attention to it!

lotus roots are transported from the origin to other places on the way; Selling & quot; It’s going to be ugly. In order to keep fresh, beautiful and prolong the edible period, vendors will beautify the food with certain bleaching agents, such as sulfite and its salts (sulfite is mostly used in plant food, which is not only a preservative, but also a bleaching agent and color protector). In addition, the polyphenols and vitamin C in lotus root are easily lost by oxidation, which can be protected from damage to a certain extent after bleaching.

is not that the whiter the lotus root is, the better. According to the national regulations, lotus roots treated with sulfite and its salts are edible. However, some individual traders do not control the dosage well, or use citric acid instead, or even use industrial citric acid, which makes the bleached lotus root surface white and has a light sour smell. If they eat it for a long time, it is very harmful to their health. It is suggested to buy in a large regular supermarket. The surface is not very clean, even with sand.

pistachio: don’t buy shell white flesh yellow

bleaching color is good, but nutrition will be greatly reduced, especially the loss of vitamins, anthocyanins and unsaturated fatty acids. Moreover, some also cover the mildew on the surface by bleaching.

pistachio shell should be light yellow, because of different varieties, some kernels are green, fruit coat is purple red, but not all of them. There is one characteristic of bleaching& mdash;& ldquo; The shell is too white;, Some even bleached the nuts.

according to the national regulations, there are few kinds of bleaching agents that can be used in nuts, only sulfur dioxide and sodium sulfite are allowed to be used. At present, some pistachios with white shell on the market use hydrogen peroxide, sulfur and other prohibited bleaching agents. Therefore, we must pay attention to the purchase, especially for children, do not buy too white shell, yellow pulp (suspected of bleaching), it is best to choose the original flavor (salt fried pistachio to eat less, more salt), no mildew odor, small package sealed preservation.

note that nuts are rich in intestinal Lubricants & mdash& mdash; Fat and dietary fiber, diarrhea, acute infection of digestive tract and other people should not eat more.

beef blinds: eat less snow-white water hair blinds

party eat hot pot, beef blinds are indispensable, but the blinds have black, white, yellow and other colors, what’s the difference?

in fact, the fresh shutters are generally black, with a light odor and a layer of black film on the inner wall that is not easy to remove. Many of the things we see in hotpot shops are white. In fact, this kind of hotpot is & quot; Water hair blinds;, That is to say, it is made of dried beef Venetian hair or fresh hair.

in order to keep the shutters longer, vendors will add bleaching agent when making dry shutters, that is, use sodium hydroxide (commonly known as caustic soda), hydrogen peroxide or quicklime to soak them for 3-4 days. The black film on the inner wall of the shutters will fall off and the color will turn white. However, most of these bleaching agents are prohibited by the state, and the dosage is not well controlled. Some even use formaldehyde with cancer risk for bleaching.

people who like to eat snow-white water hair blinds should pay attention to it. If it is not cleaned before eating, it will not only damage the gastrointestinal mucosa, but also may have heavy metal residues such as lead and arsenic. Therefore, it is suggested that we must eat less, it is best to buy fresh black blinds. Note that although the louver is delicious, the digestion ability of the elderly and children is weak, so it is not suitable to eat more.

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