Be careful! These foods are easy to store parasites

Be careful! These foods are easy to store parasites

be careful! These food borne parasites

parasite: refers to an organism that lives most of its life on another animal, called host, and causes damage to the parasitized animal. Thus, it can be seen that when it is eaten into the human body, the human body becomes the host, and then causes health crisis. Therefore, we must be careful in our life and eat less food containing parasites. If you want to eat, you must also carry out relative treatment to ensure that your health will not be damaged.

1, sashimi

sashimi is a very common food in Japan, with sashimi dipped in mustard, the taste is really delicious! You can also wrap the Sashimi with a layer of flour and fry it. It’s crispy and tender. However, this kind of fish is not cooked often contains parasites, eat it carefully! The average infection rate of freshwater fish parasites in Guangdong and Guangxi was as high as 60%. Clonorchis hepatica mainly parasitizes in the human hepatobiliary duct, which can damage the human liver. Patients often feel liver pain, abdominal distension, and abdominal discomfort. Abnormal liver function can be found during examination. As the water quality of crayfish habitat is usually poor, there are many Paragonimus in crayfish. If people eat raw or half cooked crayfish, they are likely to be infected with paragonimiasis, causing paragonimiasis. After infection, paragonimiasis will parasitize the human lungs. Patients with mild cough, chest pain and hemoptysis may cause massive hemorrhage in the lungs, causing organ obstruction and even death.

3 and sprout

are rich in nutrition, crisp and delicious, but they are also easy to contain harmful bacteria. If the relevant raw materials and utensils of sprout production are not strictly disinfected, a large number of harmful bacteria will breed.

4, undercooked steak

it is said that the best time to eat steak is medium rare, so I went to order medium rare once, and I saw blood, blood, blood. Some people who like to eat steak often think that this kind of steak is the best choice; Chewy& ldquo; It tastes of beef;. I don’t know this kind of & quot; Fashion & quot; Of & lt; Bloodthirsty & quot; Eating habits are also at risk of parasitic diseases. There are many kinds of marine fish infected by Anisakis, including salmon, salmon, tuna, sea bass, COD, hairtail, eel, grouper, herring, red sea bream and so on. It becomes an infectious third stage larva, and then enters the digestive system of marine mammals through the process of marine fish being swallowed. Compared with the ultimate host of marine mammals, humans are not the best parasitic environment for Anisakis, because the third stage larvae of Anisakis can not continue to develop into adults in human body, but it can still cause damage to human health. The larvae of Angiostrongylus sp.

6 and snails

developed in some terrestrial or aquatic snails for a long time. Someone for & lt; Eat fresh;, Just blanch the snail meat in boiling water and eat it. I don’t know that if people eat raw or cooked snail meat, they may be infected with Angiostrongylus. Once a person is infected with Angiostrongylus, the parasite will swim in the human body and drill into the brain to cause lesions. The lesions were concentrated in brain tissue, including cerebellum, brain stem and spinal cord, besides brain and meninges. Patients with mild headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, severe shock, mania, and even death. These patients developed eosinophilic meningoencephalitis or meningitis, characterized by a significant increase in eosinophils in cerebrospinal fluid.

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