Be careful when eating poisonous food!

Be careful when eating poisonous food!

be careful when eating poisonous food! Some people lack some enzymes in faba bean, which can cause allergic hemolysis syndrome after eating fresh faba bean. The symptoms are fatigue, anemia, jaundice, hepatomegaly, vomiting, fever, etc. if not rescued in time, the patient will die of extreme anemia.

2, day lily

fresh day lily contains a highly toxic substance of colchicine, if eaten, it will be poisoned. The poisoning symptoms were nausea, diarrhea, headache, thirst, and even coma. Therefore, fresh day lily must be cooked and dried before eating. The leaves and seeds of

3 and

cherries contain extremely high toxic compounds. So when cherry seeds are crushed, chewed, or just slightly damaged, they all produce hydrocyanic acid. Remember not to suck or chew cherry seeds in the future.

4, almond

wild almonds also contain cyanide and may directly put you down. But we usually eat non-toxic almonds, but if you see these blue almonds in the wild, it’s better not to eat them. Bitter almonds are also poisonous, so they must be processed before eating.

5, mushroom

we have all heard of poisonous bacteria, and we also know that poisonous bacteria are poisonous. Poisonous bacteria are & lt; Poisonous mushroom;. Although poisonous mushrooms are easy to identify, they are not completely so. We should be careful to eat all mushrooms of unknown origin. The cap of non-toxic mushroom should be flat without protuberance, and there should be pink or black pleats (poisonous mushroom is often white pleats), and the pleats should grow on the cap, not on the stem.

6 and

are highly toxic. One gram of tetrodotoxin can kill 500 people. In Japan, puffer chef must be well-trained and pass an examination before he can get a certificate. Training alone takes two to three years. Puffer fish only meat is edible, because the toxicity of puffer fish meat is less, puffer poison may make the mouth tingle.

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