Bean curd and what food collocation is the most nutritious?

Bean curd and what food collocation is the most nutritious?

tofu and what food collocation is the most nutritious?

1, add egg yolk, blood tofu, calcium supplement more,

like eating calcium tablets at the same time to supplement vitamin D, eat tofu to supplement calcium, it is necessary to match some vitamin D rich food. Because in the process of calcium absorption and utilization, vitamin D plays a very important role. Although tofu is very rich in calcium, North tofu contains more calcium than the same amount of milk, when eating tofu, it can be used more efficiently with foods rich in vitamin D. Egg yolk is rich in vitamin D, so the delicious and smooth egg yolk tofu is an excellent dish for calcium supplement. The content of vitamin D in animal viscera, such as liver and blood is also very high, so white tofu and blood tofu are made together; Red and white tofu & quot; It’s also ideal. In addition, chicken gizzard, pig liver and other animal viscera can also increase the calcium absorption of tofu.

2, add milk, supplement calcium to nourish lung

, milk and tofu can be called the perfect match, one is plant protein, the other is animal protein, the natural effect is the combination of strong and strong. Although bean curd is rich in nutrition, it lacks dietary fiber. Eating bean curd alone may cause constipation. And vegetables and fungus are rich in dietary fiber, just to make up for the shortcomings of tofu. In addition, Auricularia auricula and green vegetables also contain many antioxidants that can improve immunity and prevent diseases. When eaten with tofu, they have better effect on disease resistance. It should be noted that the content of oxalic acid in spinach, amaranth and other green leafy vegetables is high. You should blanch them first and then cook them with tofu to avoid affecting the absorption of calcium in tofu.

4, add kelp Porphyra, can more iodine

, tofu not only can supplement nutrition, but also has a certain therapeutic effect on preventing arteriosclerosis. This is because tofu contains a substance called saponin, which can prevent the production of oxidized lipids that cause arteriosclerosis. However, saponins can bring a trouble: it can cause the excretion of iodine in the body, and it may lead to iodine deficiency if consumed for a long time. Therefore, when eating tofu, add kelp, laver and other iodine rich seafood to cook together, and you’ll have the best of both worlds.

5, with some meat, protein is easy to absorb

, soybean has & lt; Plant meat & quot; It is the best protein food in plant food. Tofu made of soybean, of course, the protein is not bad. However, the content and proportion of protein and amino acids in tofu is not very reasonable, and it is not particularly suitable for human digestion and absorption. Therefore, if you add some foods with high protein quality while eating tofu, you can have a good effect with tofu; Protein complementation & quot; The protein of tofu is better absorbed and utilized by human body. And these high-quality protein foods are meat and eggs. Therefore, tofu with minced meat and preserved egg can make tofu better absorb protein.

precautions for eating tofu


1, stinky tofu taboo eat more. Although stinky tofu smells very smelly, it is still a delicious food. Some people keep away from it, while others favor it. Stinky tofu in fermented bean products, in its production process will not only produce certain corruption, but also vulnerable to bacterial pollution, from the perspective of dietary health, stinky tofu (especially fried stinky tofu) should not eat more.

2. Because tofu contains more purines, gout patients with abnormal purine metabolism and patients with increased serum uric acid concentration should not eat tofu; Spleen and stomach deficiency cold, often diarrhea, loose stools are taboo.

3, tofu should not eat too much. According to the analysis of some nutrition and health experts, tofu contains a lot of calcium. If you eat too much, it is likely to precipitate in the body, leading to stones. It is said that & quot; left over from the cremation of monks in the past; Sariki & quot; It is the phenomenon of excessive calcium accumulation, and monks consume the most tofu.

should be:

weak. Malnutrition, deficiency of both qi and blood, old and thin people should eat; People with hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, obesity and arteriosclerosis should eat it; Diabetic patients should eat. Women with insufficient postpartum milk should eat it; It is suitable for young people and children; Phlegm fire cough asthma (including acute bronchitis asthma) should be eaten; It is suitable for cancer patients; Tofu skin is most suitable for the elderly; It is suitable to eat when drinking, because tofu contains cysteine, which can accelerate the metabolism of alcohol in the body, reduce the toxicity of alcohol to the liver and protect the liver.

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