Beauty effects of different juices seven tips to drink healthy juices

many people like homemade juices, but do you know how to make homemade juices more nutritious? This needs to master certain skills, the following with a look at it!

1 Choose fresh fruits and vegetables

fresh fruits and vegetables have high nutritional value. Once stored for a long time, the content of vitamins decreases day by day, or even completely loses. In addition to buying fresh products, if possible, it is better to choose organic products or self planted ones to avoid pesticide pollution.

2, clean thoroughly

the skin of fruits and vegetables also contains nutrients, try to keep the skin for eating, but pay attention to clean (after washing the fruits and vegetables, soak them in salt water for a few minutes), so as to avoid drinking residual eggs and pesticides.

3, do immediately drink

fruit and vegetable juice placed too long, because of exposure to air, will lose vitamins, nutritional value becomes low.

4, easy to absorb in the morning drink

drink a cup of fruit and vegetable juice in the morning, become the energy source of the day, so the highest value, avoid drinking before going to bed at night, will increase the burden of the kidney, but harmful to the body.

5 Drink

fruit and vegetable juice slowly one by one. Although it is a liquid, you should drink it after one mouthful of it is mixed with saliva in the mouth. Only in this way can it be absorbed completely in the body. Never drink it like soda. If there is too much fiber, you can filter out some, fiber residue can be poured into soup, or homemade noodles, cakes, muffins, do not waste.

6, do not add sugar

, because sugar decomposition, will consume a lot of vitamin B1 and B2, if the juice is not delicious, you can add some honey, change the flavor, if the taste is too strong, you can add mineral water dilution.

7, using a variety of vegetables and fruits

, all kinds of vegetables and fruits should be eaten, taking into account vitamin C, e, a and B, dare to try new tastes, you might as well change from the recipe, don’t just eat one or two kinds of vegetables and fruits, the nutrition of all kinds of vegetables and fruits is different, otherwise it will still cause nutritional imbalance.

99 warm doctor reminds, homemade fruit juice nutrition is better, but drink as soon as possible, or the nutritional value of fruit juice will be damaged, secondly, we also need to understand the principle of fruit juice, so as to drink more healthy.

The beauty effect of different juices

grapefruit juice, which contains a kind of citric acid, has been widely used in the field of skin care. This ingredient can help dead skin cells metabolize and excrete.

grape juice contains a large number of grape polyphenols

cherry juice, which can help facial skin whiten and ruddy, remove wrinkles and spots.

apricot rich juice contains sugar, fruit acid, dietary fiber, flavonoids, vitamin C, iron, phosphorus, zinc and other mineral elements, especially rich. Rich in minerals and plant unsaturated oil, it has a good moisturizing and nourishing effect.

pomegranate juice has been proved to have strong antioxidant activity.

lemon juice contains vitamin B1 and other nutrients.


drinking juice can replace eating fruit

fresh juice is really the closest thing to fresh fruit, but drinking juice can not replace eating fruit. When the fruit is pressed into juice, the pulp and membrane are removed, and vitamin C is also reduced in the process; Juice drinks usually need to be disinfected by high temperature, so many nutrients are lost. In addition, the plant fiber in fruit is also beneficial to health, but in juicing, these plant fibers are also removed.

juice can replace boiled water

juice drinks, more or less add additives, such as drinking a lot, will produce adverse stimulation to the stomach, but also increase the burden of kidney filtration.

the more juice you drink, the better

because a large amount of sugar in the juice can not be absorbed by the human body, but discharged from the kidney, long-term excessive drinking may lead to kidney disease, resulting in a disease called & quot; Juice urine & quot; It’s a disease of the heart. In addition, excessive intake of fructose can cause indigestion and acidosis.

drugs and juice taken together

juice contains a lot of vitamin C, acidic, such as some acid or alkaline drugs and juice taken together, not only will reduce the efficacy, but also cause adverse reactions. If sulfonamides and fruit juice are taken together, it will increase the burden on the kidney, which is not good for the health of patients

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