Before dinner, you must eat an orange

the Spring Festival is coming, and most of the dinner will drink a little wine to celebrate. According to experts, proper drinking can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, warm up and keep out the cold, but excessive drinking may be counterproductive. Alcohol after drinking is metabolized by the liver, and excessive drinking is the most harmful to the liver.

“many people have a bad habit. They like to drink a round of wine and then serve food. Drinking on an empty stomach does great harm to human body. The absorption rate of drinking on an empty stomach is much higher than that of full stomach. In the case of an empty stomach, alcohol can appear in the blood within 5 minutes, and the alcohol concentration in the blood reaches the highest point within 30 to 60 minutes.” Experts say that taking vitamin C, vitamin B or eating a few oranges within half an hour before drinking can prevent alcoholism; Before drinking, drink some milk and eat some staple food, so as to form a protective film on the stomach wall and slow down the absorption of alcohol; In the meal, drink more water or soup, dilute alcohol, but also can play a certain role in antialcoholism. If you have stomach disease, you should use stomach medicine properly before drinking to minimize the damage of alcohol to gastric mucosa.

“many people like to solve the problem by picking their throats, drinking strong tea or vinegar after getting drunk. Both methods are unscientific in medicine. Although emesis can sober up, people who are seriously drunk are often unconscious and easily suffocate by inhaling vomit. Strong tea or vinegar are both irritant to gastric mucosa, and the stimulation of alcohol to gastric mucosa can induce gastric acid secretion. Therefore, drinking strong tea or vinegar can “fuel the flames” for alcohol to damage gastric mucosa Experts told reporters that after getting drunk, you can take honey water, glucose water, or tomato juice, grape juice, watermelon juice, oranges, oranges and other foods rich in vitamins to accelerate the oxidative metabolism of ethanol in the body.

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