Besides coffee, there are also ten kinds of food to eliminate sleepiness.

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1, strawberries

, strawberries are rich in vitamin C, vitamin C can help absorb iron, cells can fully absorb oxygen, so eating more strawberries can make people energetic.

2, almond

many refreshing snacks have almond. According to research, almond is one of the most nutritious nuts. Almonds are rich in vitamin E and magnesium, as well as a lot of protein, which can help you stay active all day.

3 Toona sinensis

is rich in plant protein, and the content of glycine and glutamic acid ranks first among vegetables, which helps to improve the excitability of nervous system and enhance the stress ability of human body. Eating Toona sinensis often can eliminate spring sleepiness, expel toxin and improve energy.

4, garlic

garlic has a strong bactericidal power, can eliminate the invasion of bacteria in the body. But you know what? It also helps the absorption of vitamin B1, promotes carbohydrate metabolism to generate energy, and relieves fatigue. Lean meat and garlic cooked together can promote blood circulation, eliminate the precipitation of vitamin B1, increase the amount of vitamin B1, prolong the residence time of vitamin B1 in the human body, promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue as soon as possible, and enhance the physique.

5 Salmon

is rich in protein and amino acids, which has a good effect of refreshing and brain strengthening. Especially the skin of salmon, COD and other deep-sea fish contains amino acids, tryptophan and other substances, which can play a role in relieving nerves, So as to relieve depression.

6 and cauliflower

are good B vitamins; Settlements;, Among them, vitamin B1 can help to improve mental status, especially for people who are often in a state of mental tension; Vitamin B2 and B6 together can also help relieve fatigue and refresh the mind. Vitamin B6 plays a regulatory role in the process of protein metabolism. It helps to produce energy and makes people feel energetic. It is called refreshing nutrient.

7 Pineapple

pineapple is rich in vitamin B1, so it can eliminate fatigue and make people feel more energetic. When you feel tired, you can eat a few fresh pineapples and feel a lot more energetic immediately.

8 and lemon

are rich in citric acid, which can relieve fatigue, because citric acid can support human activities as a kind of energy in the body. When people feel tired, sweating or thirsty, drinking a glass of lemon juice can have a good effect.

9 Orange

eating orange can relieve fatigue. Because oranges are rich in potassium, can supplement potassium for human body, and oranges are sour, which can not only refresh, but also appetizer. If you have a good appetite, you will be able to absorb enough potassium. Orange peel also contains flavonoids, neotangerine glycosides, citrus flavin, hesperidin and other components, with anti hypoxia, anti fatigue effect. So using orange peel to soak in water can also have a good effect.

10, bean sprouts

, soybeans and mung beans contain a lot of protein, fat and carbohydrate, as well as sodium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and other essential dietary trace elements. After sprouting, soybean can not only keep the original substance, but also increase the content of vitamin, which is helpful to eliminate fatigue. Chlorophyll in bean sprouts can prevent and treat rectal cancer.

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