Besides seasoning, soy sauce also has these magical functions!

soy sauce has these magical functions besides seasoning!

soy sauce is a condiment that we often use when we cook three meals a day. But, you know, besides seasoning, soy sauce has other uses! The following small make up to tell you how to use it!

1, antisepsis and preservation

boiling soy sauce and soaking meat after cooling can play the role of antisepsis and preservation.

2, detoxification and pain relief

after being stung by bees or bitten by poisonous insects, the effect of detoxification and pain relief can be achieved by smearing the injured part with soy sauce. After slight burn or scald, soy sauce can also be used to smear the wound to relieve pain and remove fire poison.


for treatment of pruritus, take equal parts of soy sauce and vinegar respectively, and rub the pruritus after mixing.

4, remove odor

sprinkle a little soy sauce on the burning charcoal and put it in the toilet to remove the odor.

5, treatment of infantile enuresis

, 10 eggs, 8g tea, boiled in soy sauce for 10 minutes, break the eggshell, add 3G salt and cook for 10-15 minutes, then take the egg dipped in soy sauce.

6, treatment of stomachache

take 30ml soy sauce, 9g tea, 150ml water, boil the tea with water, add soy sauce, take the juice and take it three times.

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