Betel nut is not only carcinogenic, betel nut is very harmful to the body!

Betel nut is not only carcinogenic, betel nut is very harmful to the body!

harmful ingredients of betel nut!

arecolin and alkaloids are the main harmful components in areca nut, which are cytotoxic. Arecoline can not only affect our nervous system and make people excited, but also stimulate our oral mucosa cells, so that they will not fall off and regenerate normally; In addition, arecoline can make extracellular collagen deposit and fill up unexpectedly. At the same time, arecoline can organize our body to remove these redundant proteins.

why can betel nut cause cancer?

this is because the betel nut contained in betel nut products can cause a kind of oral precancerous lesion (oral submucosal fibrosis), which may transform into cancer at any time. And the harmful chemicals in betel nut after chewing, the formation of nitroso is clear carcinogenic compounds.

betel nut is not only carcinogenic, betel nut is very harmful to the body!

periodontal impact:

areca fiber thick hard, will stab the gum or block the gap between teeth, resulting in gingival compression and inflammation.

influence on oral cavity:

areca nut is hard and easy to cause mechanical trauma to oral mucosa when chewing.

affect the digestive system:

some components of areca nut can damage the taste nerve and saliva secretion, affect the digestive function. In addition, areca dregs also stimulate the gastric wall, which can cause inflammation and perforation of gastric mucosa.

affect teeth:

chewing betel nut for a long time will aggravate the wear of teeth and affect the health of teeth.


excessive consumption of betel nut can produce poisoning symptoms, ranging from excitement, dull eyes, shaking, unstable walking, strange or rough behavior; The serious cases lead to acute psychosis, including auditory hallucination, self expansion, forced delusion, delirium, etc.

affect the beauty:

when chewing betel nut, purple red juice can also dye black teeth, affect the beauty of teeth.

affect the temporomandibular joint:

long term chewing will increase the temporomandibular joint load, cause joint bounce, pain and other symptoms. In severe cases, it can also lead to perforation of the articular disc.

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