Biscuit moistureproof practical life tips

Biscuit moistureproof method practical life tips

practical life tips

biscuit moistureproof method

when the biscuit can, put a piece of sugar at the same time. Because the sugar can absorb the moisture in the can, it can keep the biscuit crispy and delicious.

ways to prevent the overflow of cooked pasta soup

add a little cream or a little salad oil to the soup when boiling. At the same time to maintain the boiling soup, not to cook other types of noodles generally add cold water.

how to remove the cigarette dirt on the fingers

the most effective method is suitable for lemon juice scrubbing, the effect is not significant at first, but after patiently wiping, the color will gradually fade. If it still doesn’t work, add a little hydrogen peroxide to the lemon juice, and the effect will come out.

ways to prevent bath water from getting cold

when bathing in winter, the water is easy to get cold, you can add a little salt to the bath. Salt can temporarily block sweat line, so body heat will not be released.

how to eliminate the cracks on the plate

you can put the plate into the pot, pour in the milk, heat it for four to five minutes, then the milk boils, and then you can put out the fire and take out the plate, and the cracks will almost disappear.

ways to restore a shrunken sweater

warm water is injected into the basin, a small amount of home amonia water is dropped, and then the sweater is immersed, and the soap left on the wool will dissolve. Gently lengthen the reduced part with both hands at the same time, and then rinse to dry. When it’s half dry again, first pull it open with your hand, make it into its original shape, and then iron it with an iron to restore its original size.

how to remove furniture marks on carpet

how to remove common concave marks on carpet, try the Zhengqi iron, spray some steam on concave place, or spread wet towel on concave place, and then iron with iron. Then pick up the concave hair with a hard toothbrush and brush gently.

how to prevent shrinkage of sweaters

the principle of washing sweaters is to wash them as soon as possible. Generally speaking, the less detergent is used, the easier it is to shrink the sweater. Therefore, it is better to add a little more detergent to avoid the change of sweater. The secret of making bottle flowers last in summer is to add one or two drops of bleach to the vase. Bleach has germicidal effect, although the water temperature is high, it can also make the flower stem incision is not easy to grow bacteria, and the flower is naturally more durable.

no fragrance can make the aroma of the house

. Use your own perfume to wipe the bulb of the cotton, and wipe the bulb. When the bulb is lit, the perfume will be warmed and the whole room will be filled with fragrance.

how to make clear ice

is to fully boil the water and pour it into the ice maker. Because in this way, the impurities such as lime in the water can be evaporated, and the ice will be particularly transparent.

easy to remove the folds of clothes in the suitcase

when you travel, open the suitcase, the clothes become wrinkled. After soaking in a hot bath, keep the water in the bathtub and hang the clothes in the bathroom with a hanger. The next morning, the wrinkles on the clothes can be eliminated by steam.

recovery method of withered fruits and vegetables

you can put water in a large basin, add a small amount of vinegar and two pieces of sugar, and then put the vegetables in the bath, then rinse them with hot water, and then rinse them back with cold water immediately to restore the original state.

tips for removing sweat spots on shirt collar and armpit

apply shampoo with a brush, or apply shaving cream, and then let it stand for 4-5 minutes before washing. You can wash it smoothly.

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