Black currant raisins

raisins are the favorite of many people. This kind of food is very unique, and the production method is relatively simple. However, when you eat raisins, you need to pay attention to the fact that they contain more vitamins, so when you eat them, you should try to eat less, which will help your body absorb nutrients, How about blackcurrant raisins? Many people don’t know much about such raisins.

when you buy raisins, you also need to have a good understanding of all kinds of raisins. When you eat them, they are also very helpful to human health. How about blackcurrant raisins? Here’s a detailed introduction.

black currant raisin:

black currant raisin, originated in Russia. Due to the cold weather in Russia, this raisin grows in the north of Altay Mountains in Xinjiang. Affected by the cold climate, it grows for a long time and naturally has a black appearance. It is a rare Raisin in the world. It has thick seedless meat and mellow taste, It has the natural aroma of wine and is full of chewiness.

blackcurrant is rich in vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, anthocyanins and phenols. Blackcurrant fruit contains a lot of vitamins A, B, C, D, e, F, P, etc., especially the content of vitamin C is higher than most fruits, several times to hundreds times higher than apple, peach and grape; It contains a high proportion of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and zinc. The content of calcium is the highest in fruits. It is very suitable for children and the elderly to supplement calcium.

blackcurrant fruit contains quite a lot of potassium and magnesium salts. The main function of potassium salt is to strengthen muscle excitability, stabilize cardiac muscle cell membrane and improve arrhythmia; Magnesium salt has a certain preventive and therapeutic effect on hypertension and myocardial infarction. When people’s mental or physical overload, a kind of queermont cortisone substance in the blood can cause myocardial necrosis. It has been clinically proved by medical experts that black currant raisin drink containing potassium and magnesium can produce cortisone, so it has a certain health care effect on patients with heart disease.

blackcurrant fruit contains a high amount of bioflavonoids, which can effectively reduce the degree of atherosclerosis, soften and thin the brittle blood vessels, improve the permeability of blood vessels, and prevent atherosclerosis. As a matter of delaying aging, it can block the formation of nitrosamine, has antioxidant effect, and has synergistic effect on ascorbic acid.

through the introduction, we also have a good understanding of blackcurrant raisin. It is of great help to all aspects of the human body. At the same time, it has a good effect on promoting human blood circulation and improving human skin problems. Therefore, we can focus on the choice of blackcurrant raisin, which is conducive to the development of all aspects of the human body.

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