Black tea residue is a “raise people” baby,

black tea residue is used, black tea residue is a “raise people” baby, in addition to the direct health care effect on the human body, in the home life can play the role is countless.

washing your hair with black tea can relieve the itching of scalp moisture. Eyes because of long-term fatigue, redness and congestion, you can also use tea to wash. In the morning, if there is no obvious change in the taste of black tea overnight, it is the best use to brush and gargle. It can not only prevent oral capillary bleeding, but also play a role in sterilization and anti-inflammatory. It has a protective effect on the oral cavity, as well as the cleaning of oral mucosa, gums and teeth.

in the past, the old people all knew that using tea to clean small wounds, scrape skin and have small trauma, tea can play a role in cleaning and anti-inflammatory. In addition, tea also has the function of auxiliary sterilization, which can remove peculiar smell, protect capillaries, and help relieve contracture of peripheral nerves. Therefore, it has a certain effect on soaking feet to help sleep.

not only that, after the remaining black tea leaves are dried, they can be saved to make a pillow. The “waste heat” of tea can not only purify the bad smell produced by human breathing after falling asleep, but also dust mites in the air. Soft tea can also absorb the noise at night. If some people may think that the pillow made of tea is too soft and thin, it’s better to make a thin one and put it on the top of the big pillow.

tea pillow also has a special function, which is to relieve nervous tension and help people who are tired for a day to relax and fall asleep. As the weather gets hotter and hotter, tea’s dehumidification effect can make the hot neck feel dry and sticky, and prevent eczema. It is most suitable for the elderly and children.

it should be noted that the tea pillow should be often dried to let the moisture it absorbs out.

black tea residue is a “raise people” baby, in addition to the direct health care effect on the human body, the role in home life can also be countless: making tea eggs, removing stains and rust, removing the evil smell of tableware and clothing, cleaning and dust removal.

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