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the year of the horse is an auspicious year. Many people like to give birth to a baby horse in the year of the horse. Because the horse is a kind of animal with good moral, the words of “one horse first” and “one horse to success” are used to describe successful people, so the concentration of baby horse makes the baby products market have huge profits. Many people are taking advantage of this excellent opportunity to pour a large number of baby products into the eyes of consumers.

baby products include milk bottles, diapers and other products, because the resistance of infants is very low because they have just come to this world. If they receive a little infection of bacteria and virus, it will be a great hidden danger for infants. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the hygiene of baby’s products. Bottle sterilizer is born with the belief of protecting baby’s health.

milk bottle disinfector

milk bottle disinfector is specially used for disinfecting milk bottles. This kind of equipment is also called milk bottle disinfector or milk bottle disinfector cabinet. Its disinfection method has developed from traditional boiling disinfection to steam disinfection, microwave disinfection and so on.

selection standard

1. It is not suitable to choose the split type, because the sealing of this kind of disinfection pot is not good, and the cleaning time is shorter than that of the integrated type;

2. The disinfection time should meet the national standard of tableware and can last more than 10 minutes;

3. The electric heating plate should be open type, and the hidden type cannot remove scale;

4. The electric heating plate should be made of stainless steel, and the aluminum plate is easy to rust, rot and perforation;

5. It is inconvenient to control the timer with one key;

6. If belt drying is needed, internal drying is preferred. It’s not suitable to choose the one with air inlet at the bottom or artificially increase the gap between the barrel and the electric heating plate. That is to dry the bottle with external air, which will blow in a lot of bacteria and dust,;

7. It is better to choose the one with timing sterilization ability. It’s better not to be too hard


boiled milk bottle disinfector

traditional disinfection method, its principle is to boil water to 100 ℃, through high temperature to disinfect the milk bottle. This kind of disinfection method is suitable for disinfecting the utensils with high temperature resistance above 120 ℃. Equipped with a bottle basket, can hold about 6 bottles.

usage: first put the bottle in the basket and put it into the pot. Then fill the pot with water below the height of the bottle and cover it. Put the sterilizer into the gas stove or induction cooker and boil for 10 minutes.

drying milk bottle disinfector

the milk bottle disinfected by steam disinfection method will attach a large number of water droplets to the bottle wall, which is easy to cause bacterial reproduction in humid environment. In order to improve the cleaning time of milk bottle, this kind of product adds drying function on the basis of ordinary steam milk bottle disinfector, which is commonly known as drying milk bottle disinfector, This kind of bottle sterilizer with drying function has two drying methods: one is to blow dry the bottle by pumping air from the outside; The other is to use the internal thermal eddy current to dry the bottle, without the need to pump in external air to blow dry the bottle. The former has strict requirements on air quality, and it is necessary to regularly remove the air inlet duct and air blade of the sterilizer, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution to the milk bottle; The latter has no external air quality requirements. In addition, because the latter can produce effective thermal eddy current, this kind of internal drying bottle sterilizer usually has the function of timing sterilization.

usage: first inject 100ml of water into the evaporating dish, put the washed bottle upside down into the bottle basket, put the pacifier and bottle cap into the small container, and cover them. Turn on the power and press the disinfection key. This kind of products are generally equipped with disinfection and drying key to automatically complete the disinfection and drying procedures.

microwave bottle disinfector

is essentially a plastic appliance for holding milk bottles, which does not have disinfection function, also known as bottle disinfection box. Its working principle is to use the microwave from the microwave oven to heat the water in the milk bottle disinfection box to make it become high-temperature steam to disinfect the milk bottle in the milk bottle disinfection box. This kind of sterilizer is suitable for milk bottles with height less than 10cm and tableware made of non-metallic materials. Microwave sterilizer manufacturers generally sell milk bottles and sterilizers together.

usage: first inject 200ml of water into the milk bottle disinfection box, put the washed milk bottle into it, cover it, then put the disinfection box into the center of the microwave oven tray, turn off the microwave oven, select the appropriate power, and set the time for 10 minutes.

the selection of bottle sterilizer must be careful, because it is for infants, so the standard of choosing bottle sterilizer must be strict, the quality must pass the standard, and the safety of the sterilizer also needs to be verified. In order to ensure the healthy growth of the baby, we must not choose products with poor quality just for the sake of low price, This may affect the baby’s growth or intellectual development.

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