Break through the lies of food restriction in life, and have a reasonable diet 1 + 1 & gt; 2

the battle of whether spinach and tofu produce stones has been going on for a long time. In fact, this kind of rumor is closely related to the idea that food is complementary. We break through 10 pairs of common foods in our daily life; Mutual restraint & quot; lie.

1, spinach + tofu; Bean curd with shallot& ldquo; Spinach and tofu soup;, However, in some cases, if vinegar can destroy vitamin A, the strength of gastric acid is much higher than vinegar. Even if you’re not jealous, nutrition is destroyed. Therefore, this argument is untenable.

5, vitamin C + shrimp

after eating seafood, then eat fruit, is this program OK? But I can’t say it on the Internet! According to the online & lt; Mutual restraint & quot; It is said that after eating shrimp, crab and other seafood, and then eating fruits containing vitamin C, it will poison people to death. The principle is that shrimps, crabs and other foods contain pentavalent arsenic compounds, which can be converted into trivalent arsenic when eaten with fruits containing vitamin C; Arsenic;, The harm is great. Long term consumption will lead to human poisoning and immune decline.

suggests: pentavalent arsenic is low toxicity, trivalent arsenic is high toxicity, which is right. But the function of vitamin C is very low, and the content of arsenic in seafood is also very low. And in the stomach so short a time, how can suddenly transform.

6, meat + tea

after eating meat and drinking tea, it must be the way for Ms. Aimei to keep fit. But network transmission: tannic acid contained in tea can combine with protein to produce astringent booty acid protein, which is not conducive to the absorption of protein.

: there is no evidence that tea can affect the absorption of protein. And according to the normal diet, the protein intake is 60g-80g a day, and the tannic acid intake in tea is hundreds of mg at most. Even if it can bind, it can only bind to a trivial protein, with little effect.

7 , potato + beef

roast beef with potato, I love it very much. According to the Internet, due to the different concentrations of gastric acid required to digest potatoes and beef, the retention time of food in the stomach will be prolonged, resulting in longer gastrointestinal digestion and absorption time. Over time, it leads to gastrointestinal dysfunction. Really?

suggests that the time of gastric emptying food is related to the amount of fat. The less fat, the shorter the emptying time, so beef is slower than potatoes. But it doesn’t mean it has any effect on digestive function. If there is an impact according to the above statement, the retention time of vegetables, meat and eggs will be different, which is not in line with the reality.

8, Hami melon + Banana

have health column said, because the sugar content of Hami melon is about 15%, the potassium ion content is quite high; Bananas are also rich in potassium. Therefore, it is not suitable to eat banana and Hami melon with high potassium content when renal failure patients have less urine.

suggests that people with renal failure can not eat any food with high water content, which has nothing to do with these two kinds of food. When it comes to potassium, it’s higher in vegetables. If all vegetables can be eaten and the potassium can be discharged, why can’t bananas and Hami melons?

9, cucumber and tomato

it is said that cucumber and tomato together will lose vitamin C, the two can’t eat together! We know that cucumber contains vitamin C decomposing enzyme, which will destroy VC, but what it destroys first is its own vitamin C, instead of looking for tomato’s vitamin C. It doesn’t make sense to balance the two!

10, seafood and lemon

seafood meeting lemon or other food containing vitamin C is equivalent to arsenic. The reason is that shrimp and other soft shell food contain high concentration of pentapotassium arsenic compound, which reacts with reducing agent vitamin C and turns into toxic trivalent arsenic, which is commonly known as arsenic.

and in fact, the arsenic content in seafood is very low. The arsenic content in one kilogram of seafood is less than 0 mg or 1 mg, while arsenic can only be poisoned if the intake reaches tens of Mg. So, the intake of seafood must reach several kilograms or even tens of kilograms each time, and eat enough fruits and vegetables, and have 100% reaction in the human body, To produce arsenic.

seafood with vitamin C not only won’t be poisoned, but is a perfect match. When cooking fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood food, if the sterilization is not complete, it is easy to lead to food poisoning, and lemon contains citric acid and other organic acids, which has a certain bactericidal effect.

Reasonable diet 1 + 1 & gt; 2

1, the complementary absorption rate of protein in coarse cereals, beans and rice is better:

now, the national population has gradually changed, not only eating white rice, but also increasing the intake of coarse cereals (black rice, oats, millet, buckwheat, etc.). Few people cook rice with beans. In fact, it can complement protein and improve the biological value of protein, that is, the utilization rate of protein for the body is higher.

the reason for the double nutrition of coarse cereals, beans and rice is that the lysine content in the protein of cereals is low, while the protein of beans is rich in lysine, but lack of methionine. If they are eaten together, they can complement each other, and the effect is better. In this way, eating staple food can also delay the rise of blood sugar and increase the intake of dietary fiber.

2 The iron absorption rate of meat and vegetable is higher: 6667

meat and vegetable collocation is often mentioned in the diet. On the one hand, meat food contains more fat, and the aroma produced in the cooking process is sufficient, which can attract people to eat. On the other hand, the more important reason is that the iron element in meat food is rich, and it is heme iron, and the human body has a higher absorption rate of this iron element.

and in the fresh plant food will be rich in vitamin C and organic acids, can promote the absorption of iron, make the absorption rate of iron in animal food is higher, can prevent iron deficiency anemia.

3, shredded potatoes as a staple food need to be halved: 6667

vinegar sliced potatoes, hot and sour shredded potatoes, and so on, are common dishes in our life, most of the time is a bowl of white rice and then a plate of shredded potatoes, so eat. For friends who want to lose weight, the more they eat, the fatter they get. The reason is that potatoes are high starch food, and contain carbohydrates close to rice.

if you eat a bowl of white rice for lunch and then a plate of shredded potatoes, it’s equivalent to eating two bowls of rice and taking in double portions of energy. You won’t achieve the goal of losing weight at all! Similar to taro, purple potato, sweet potato, yam, lotus root and so on, if you are cooking, you might as well cut half of the staple food, dishes will be more healthy!

every kind of food has its own nutrition. The important thing is that the food materials are fresh and safe, the quantity is balanced, and there are many kinds of food. If you lack other food, you can harvest more nutrients to meet the metabolic needs of the body. What do you think?

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