Breakfast first bite diet strategy anemia women’s healthy breakfast diet inventory

breakfast is a crucial meal in a day, eat good or bad is related to the mental and physical health of the whole day, then, what is the best first bite of breakfast? Let’s have a look at it.

Breakfast should be drinking water

people after a night of sleep, consumed a lot of water and nutrition, get up in a physiological state of water shortage. If you only eat regular breakfast, it is far from enough to supplement physiological water shortage.

therefore, do not rush to eat breakfast in the morning, but drink 500-800 ml cold boiled water immediately, which can not only replenish the water lost overnight, but also clean up the intestinal tract, but do not drink more water before breakfast.

breakfast should eat some fruit

fruit is a rich source of vitamin A and C, and contains vitamin B group, fiber, and minerals. It not only has the effect of stimulating appetite, but also can promote intestinal peristalsis and maintain acid-base balance in the body. Eating fruit can not only nourish beauty, but also make us look radiant, beautiful and moving in the morning!

Five shell rhizomes are the staple food for breakfast. They are not only rich in sugars, but also can quickly provide the basic energy needed by the human body, just like a car needs gasoline to walk.

for a nutritious breakfast, you can choose porridge, steamed bread, radish cake, toast, oats, whole shell crisps as staple food, or choose rough five shell rhizomes, such as whole wheat bread, cereals porridge, etc.

should eat dairy products for breakfast

breakfast is a good opportunity to supplement milk. Dairy products are one of the sources of high-quality protein, and they are rich in calcium. Generally, there is no calcium content in foods that can be compared with milk. Use breakfast time to intake milk, such as a cup of milk, goat’s milk, low sugar yogurt, etc. are good choices.

so, as a high-quality breakfast, what are the precautions? Light

too greasy breakfast will cause gastrointestinal burden, but also lead to hyperlipidemia. If you can’t resist the temptation, once a week is OK. Breakfast is more suitable for light but nutritious diet, try to eat less fried food. Some people like to eat fried dough sticks for breakfast. In fact, it may not be impossible, but don’t eat too much at a time, and try to eat it only once a week.

2. The best breakfast time: 7-8:00

medical research has proved that 7-8:00 breakfast is the most suitable, because people have the most appetite at this time. Breakfast and Chinese meal are separated by 4 & mdash; Five hours or so is fine. If breakfast is earlier, the quantity should be increased or lunch should be advanced accordingly.

3. Low calorie

breakfast intake may vary with body type and age. However, it is more appropriate to consume 400-500 calories, accounting for about one fourth of the daily requirement. But try adding more sugars.

female anemia breakfast can eat five kinds of food


pumpkin rich in vitamins, but also contains a certain amount of iron and phosphorus. These substances play an important role in maintaining the physiological function of the body. The latest discovery of pumpkin also contains a & lt; Cobalt & quot; It has the function of enriching blood. Chen Xiuyuan, a famous doctor in Qing Dynasty, said: & lt; Pumpkin is a wonderful tonic& rdquo; Pumpkin porridge and pumpkin cake are good breakfast choices.


is rich in vitamins, fructose and various amino acids. Modern pharmacological studies have proved that jujube contains a lot of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, which can regulate human metabolism, make new cells generate rapidly, dead cells are eliminated quickly, and can enhance the hematopoietic function of bone marrow, enhance the content of red blood cells in blood.

egg yolk

although egg yolk contains a lot of cholesterol, but every 100 grams of egg yolk contains 7 mg of iron, and rich in nutrients, anemia women can eat 1-2 eggs a day.


carrot contains high vitamin B and C, at the same time, it also contains a special nutrient & mdash& mdash; Carotene, carotene is very beneficial to blood, with carrot soup, is a good blood soup drink.

soybean products

every 100 grams of soybean and soybean powder contains 11 mg of iron. The absorption rate of human body is 7%, which is much higher than that of rice and flour. Therefore, soybean products are a good source of iron supplement.

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