Broccoli and Auricularia auricula are the perfect match,

Broccoli and Auricularia auricula are the perfect match. Broccoli and Auricularia auricula are the perfect match. Broccoli is what we usually call “Broccoli”; Green cauliflower;, Rich in nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and so on. But broccoli is most praised for its anti-cancer effect. Studies have shown that when suffering from gastric cancer, the level of selenium in human serum is significantly decreased, and the concentration of vitamin C in gastric juice is also significantly lower than that in normal people. Broccoli can not only supplement a certain amount of selenium and vitamin C, but also provide rich carotene, which can prevent the formation of precancerous lesion cells and inhibit the growth of cancer.

nutritionists have found that there are many indole derivatives in cauliflower, which can reduce the level of estrogen in the body and prevent breast cancer. Studies have shown that the most important ingredient in broccoli to prevent cancer is & lt; Sulforaphane;, This substance can improve the activity of detoxifying enzyme of carcinogen and help cancer cells repair to normal cells.

Auricularia auricula also has anti-cancer effect. It is found that Auricularia auricula polysaccharide has anti-tumor function. At the same time, Auricularia auricula also contains more iron and soluble dietary fiber, which is beneficial to promote intestinal health, enhance immunity and prevent iron deficiency anemia. It can be said that it is a black treasure.

stir fry broccoli and black fungus or blanch them before serving. It’s a great dish.


when washing broccoli, soaking for a long time will cause a large loss of vitamin C in broccoli. The broccoli can be soaked and scrubbed in brine, which is helpful to remove bacteria, pesticides and other harmful substances attached to the surface of broccoli. Then blanch the broccoli a little in superheated water, which not only makes the broccoli taste better, can remove toxic and harmful substances, but also can maximize the nutritional value of broccoli.

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