Buckwheat flour can help your liver lose weight

Buckwheat flour can reduce weight for your liver

buckwheat flour can reduce weight for your liver

adjusting diet is an important part of fatty liver treatment. The diet should be high in protein, moderate in fat and sugar. If you eat fat free food, fatty acids can be synthesized from sugars and precursors of amino acids. If you eat too much sugars, you can increase insulin secretion and promote the conversion of sugar into fat.

patients with chronic hepatitis should take normal amount of protein, sugar and fat, but should choose vegetable oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Obesity and overweight patients with fatty liver should start with diet control, daily food 1674-3348 coke, near discharge gradually increased to 4186-6279 coke, which depends on their original level of physical activity, to avoid serious negative nitrogen balance. In order to avoid hyperuricemia, we can also take 100-300 mg of allopterin daily and encourage drinking water. In addition; We should also take exercise and walk 12 kilometers for 2 hours to achieve the goal of reducing fat.

the effect of buckwheat on blood lipid and fatty liver showed that buckwheat could reduce blood lipid in hyperlipidemic rats. The results showed that: the blood lipid of buckwheat flour group was lower than that of control group, and the difference was statistically significant (P & lt; 0; 0.01; The serum cholesterol of buckwheat flour group was lower than that of standard flour group.

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