Can a juicer squeeze soybean milk?

speaking of a juicer, who doesn’t have a juicer at home now, but many friends feel that the function of a juicer is too single, and it can only be used to fry fruit juice. But some friends feel that the working principle of the juicer is similar to that of the soybean milk machine. If so, can we use the juicer to make soybean milk? Can the specific Juicer squeeze soybean milk?

in fact, there are many different opinions about the problem of whether the juicer can squeeze soybean milk. Some friends worry that if they use it to squeeze soybean milk, soybean milk residue will damage the juicer and reduce the life of the juicer. Some people feel that it doesn’t matter. In fact, if the juicer you bought has more functions, it can be used to squeeze soybean milk. The specific operation method is:

how to squeeze soybean milk with the juicer?

the first step is to clean the soybeans, plug the juicer into the power supply, and then let a large cup out of the juice mouth, and then put the soybeans into the storage tube. Do not fill it up, leave some gaps, and plug them up with plugs, so as to avoid the soybeans and ground bean dregs flying out.

the second step is to turn on the power switch and adjust the speed gear to three. In this way, the soybean milk can be ground quickly and finely. Add water while grinding. When the first batch of beans is finished, put the second batch in, and so on, until the soybean is finished.

it must be noted that at last, about 200ml of water is needed until the soymilk in the juicer is finished. Today’s soybean milk can’t be eaten. You have to put it into the pot to cook it. When it boils in the pot, turn off the fire immediately and add sugar or salt according to your personal preference. In this way, the sweet and delicious soybean milk is finished.

in addition, we should pay attention to the following three points when using the juicer to squeeze soybean milk:

1, soybean must be soaked with water, otherwise it can’t be used;

2. The soybeans with ground soymilk are raw soybeans instead of cooked soybeans;

soybean milk must be cooked after being squeezed, otherwise it is not only not fragrant, but also easy to eat bad stomach.

after understanding the problem that the juicer can squeeze soymilk, I believe you can make delicious soymilk according to the above operation steps, which not only increases the fun of your life, but also plays a good role in maintaining your body. But also remind you that after using the juicer to squeeze soybean milk, you must pay attention to cleaning and maintenance.

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