Can alopecia areata drink beer?

under the current situation, more and more people lose their hair, more and more serious hair loss development process, some people at the beginning may be just a few hair fell on the pillow, later is more and more serious, people feel distressed and afraid. Alopecia areata is a terrible condition. But some people will ask, can alopecia areata drink? In fact, the answer is no, alopecia areata is best not to touch the wine, after all, some alopecia areata can adjust their own recovery. So why can’t alopecia areata drink? There are many reasons.

the causes of alopecia areata are:

1, mental factors: most scholars believe that alopecia areata is caused by anxiety or mental stimulation, environmental changes.

2, neurological factors: due to autonomic nerve or central nervous system disorders. Alopecia areata can occur or worsen after concussion and trauma. Some scholars have found that the abnormal rate of EEG in patients with alopecia areata is particularly high. In addition, it was observed that 80% of alopecia areata patients had abnormal cerebral blood flow diagram and poor blood supply to the scalp, which may be due to the patient’s mental tension, leading to autonomic nerve dysfunction, increased sympathetic nerve tension and continuous contraction of capillaries, resulting in blood circulation disorder of hair root and decreased cell function of hair root seed layer.

3. Heredity: about 10% – 20% of the patients have family history of alopecia areata, which may occur in twins as well as in women.

4, endocrine abnormalities: thyroid diseases complicated with alopecia areata is particularly common, which is more closely related to hyperthyroidism. Women in pregnancy, alopecia areata is often self-healing, but after childbirth, hair loss can recur, it is estimated that this is related to hormones.

5, low immune function: some diseases caused by immune system disorders, such as vitiligo, diabetes, pernicious anemia, lupus erythematosus, ulcerative colitis, idiopathic hypothyroidism and so on, are often accompanied by alopecia areata. British scholars have found that patients with alopecia areata have low phagocytosis of leukocytes in peripheral blood vessels, and often have autoimmune diseases. In 1977, an American scholar found that T lymphocytes in the peripheral blood vessels of patients with alopecia areata decreased significantly, which is a system that plays a role in the cellular immune function of human body. Clinical and experimental studies have proved that alopecia areata patients have humoral and cellular immunity and complement system.

6. Focus infection: an American scholar believes that focus infection can indeed cause alopecia, because bacterial infection can lead to thrombosis of blood vessels or inflammation of small blood vessels, which can cause hair loss due to blood supply obstruction. Another scholar also pointed out that the presence of impacted third molar or periapical infection should be considered as a factor of persistent alopecia areata.

alopecia areata may be caused by the above reasons, but people with alopecia areata also need to maintain their own health. First of all, to ensure adequate sleep, no matter how tense work, nine hours of sleep a day is a must, and not only time to achieve, but also the quality of sleep also needs to be guaranteed, in addition, there should be a reasonable diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, so as to get better faster.

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