Can Angelica be soaked in water?

for angelica, I believe you are not very strange, it is a common Chinese herbal medicine in our life, if we have irregular menstruation or poor physical condition in our daily life, we can drink Angelica in water, which can regulate our body well, but it is a drug with three poisons, and Angelica is not as perfect as you think, Small make up for you to introduce Angelica can be soaked in water to drink? What’s the taboo of drinking in water?

when you drink Angelica sinensis in water, you must pay attention to the dosage and time of use, and at the same time, you must make clear your constitution, otherwise the good medicine is likely to become poison, affecting your health.

the taboo of drinking Angelica in water

the old Chinese medicine tells us that there are many taboos of angelica, so we must pay special attention to it when we take it daily. Now, many people who do daily health care like to drink Angelica sinensis in water. Here we suggest that we must pay attention to the right amount, otherwise it is easy to fail health care and have side effects on the body.

if you feel tired or drowsy after drinking Angelica sinensis, you’d better stop taking it immediately. At this time, these symptoms will disappear; In addition, some people will have fever, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting and headache after using angelica, so it should be stopped immediately, so the bad situation will be relieved by itself; Daily use of Angelica also needs special attention. Studies have found that if a large dose of Angelica is used, it is easy to cause blood pressure drop in the body. Suddenly, it is so easy to stop breathing, threatening our life and health. Therefore, when daily use of angelica or soaking in water, it should be carried out according to the doctor’s instructions scientifically, Don’t change it yourself. More than

is a common taboo of drinking Angelica in water. Although Angelica has a good blood tonic and beauty effect, it brings a lot of benefits to people’s body, but angelica is also a medicine. It must be taken in an appropriate amount, so as to better promote the health of the body. Angelica is best used to stew, stew nutrition will be more rich, and can improve the body’s immune ability.

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