Can carbonated drinks be drunk after expiration?

since childhood, the mother has not allowed to drink carbonated drinks, but children like to drink carbonated drinks, sweet and sour, because carbonated drinks are not good for the body, so they have to control. Similarly, many people say that drinking carbonated drinks will kill sperm, so boys should drink less. But once carbonated drinks are expired, can they still drink them? But anything is out of date, it is not allowed to eat, because it will produce miscellaneous bacteria.

can be yes, but it will cause physical injury. Drinking coke is harmful to both infants and adults.

there are four reasons why carbonated drinks should not be drunk frequently: carbonated drinks contain gas, that is, carbon dioxide can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, too much acid in the stomach is easy to feel abdominal distension, reduce appetite, and reduce daily food intake. If the intake of nutrients in diet is insufficient, it will affect the normal growth and development, learning effect, sports performance, work performance and health. Carbonated drinks contain sugar. A can of 355 C.C. Cola contains about 35 grams of sugar, which is equivalent to 140 calories and half a bowl of rice. Phosphoric acid, another component of carbonated drinks, can reduce the absorption of calcium in the body and affect bone growth and normal height development. Children and adolescents in the growth and development period need sufficient calcium to make the bones grow normally, maintain good bone metabolism, and make the bone density reach the best condition, so it is not suitable to drink carbonated drinks.

caffeine in all kinds of cola can stimulate heart muscle contraction, accelerate heart beat and respiration; Can stimulate gastric acid secretion, damage the stomach; With diuretic effect, the elderly are prone to the risk of dehydration; Long term drinking will be addictive, once you don’t drink, you will feel that something is wrong, listless or headache. If you drink too much caffeine for a long time, that is, more than 200 mg per day, you will have indigestion, headache, insomnia, neuroticism, shivering, irritability, rapid heartbeat and other chronic poisoning.

so we still need to drink less carbonated drinks. Although they are delicious, they are not good for our health. We can drink milk or fresh juice, which contain a lot of nutrients. Especially when we grow up, we should pay more attention to eating foods that are good for our health. We can not only grow tall, but also have a good body.

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