Can Chinese wolfberry soaking in water really invigorate the kidney?

Can Chinese wolfberry soaking in water really tonify the kidney?

can Chinese wolfberry soaking in water really tonify the kidney?

traditional Chinese medicine believes that Chinese wolfberry has the effects of Tonifying the kidney and essence, nourishing the liver and eyesight, moistening the lung and relieving cough. Modern research shows that Lycium barbarum contains a lot of carotene, vitamins, essential protein, crude fat, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients; Among them, the content of vitamin C is higher than that of orange& mdash; The content of carotene is higher than that of carrot. In addition, Lycium barbarum can also enhance immunity, protect liver, anti fatigue, anti-aging and other functions, suitable for low resistance, weak people to take, regular service can delay aging, strengthen the body, beauty and beauty.

take Lycium barbarum for all seasons: take it alone in spring, or drink it with boiled water of Astragalus membranaceus; In summer, it’s better to drink with chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, pangdahai and rock sugar. Taking it regularly can eliminate eye fatigue; In autumn, it should be made into soup with Sydney, lily, tremella and hawthorn; In winter, it is suitable to cook porridge with longan, jujube and yam. Take 3 grams of black tea and 20 grams of Lycium barbarum fruit and brew them with boiling water to make Lycium barbarum tea; Can also be 20 wolfberry, 5 dry chrysanthemum with water brewing; 15 grams of tremella, 25 grams of wolfberry fruit, add appropriate amount of water, simmer into a thick juice, add 20 grams of honey, and then fry for 5 minutes to form wolfberry tremella soup, once every other day, warm boiled water.

generally speaking, it is more appropriate for healthy adults to eat about 20 grams of Lycium barbarum every day; Therapeutic use can be increased to 30g. Medlar to eat often, not a large amount of food. If you soak wolfberry in water or make soup, you can’t absorb it completely only by drinking the soup. Because of the influence of water temperature, soaking time and other factors, only some medicinal ingredients can be released into the soup. In order to give full play to the effect, it’s better to eat the wolfberry in the soup. If you chew Lycium barbarum fruit directly without any processing, it will absorb more nutrients. You can rinse Lycium barbarum fruit with water and chew it, but the dosage should be reduced by half.

due to the obvious effect of Lycium barbarum warm body, so people suffering from cold, fever, inflammation, diarrhea had better not eat; At the same time, Lycium barbarum also has the function of excitatory nerve, which is not suitable for those with high libido; In addition, Lycium barbarum has high sugar content, 19.3 grams of sugar per 100 grams, and diabetes should be used with caution, not enough.

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