Can cooking with an iron pot really make up for the iron? Take you all the knowledge about the pot

there are many kinds of pots on the market, such as stainless steel pot, iron pot, non stick pot, ceramic pot, casserole, composite material pot, etc, There may also be back to affect health, if you do not pay attention to the material, and even cause cancer! Now let’s have a look with me.

So, how much do you know about the truth of the pot?

1, can iron pot really supplement iron?

iron pot is a kind of pot most used by common people; Boiling& quot; Maintenance & quot; Seven steps:


2. Remove all labels on the new iron pot body and wash the pot body with flowing hot water; Dry the water (especially the bottom of the pot), put the pot on the stove, and dry it over low heat;

3. Put the raw and fat pork into the pot and use the kitchen clip; Press & quot; Live in raw fat pork, regard it as & quot; Soap & quot; Generally used, the inner ring to the outer ring in the form of a spiral in the inner wall of the pot constantly wipe, so that the overflow of grease evenly covered the whole pot surface.

4. With the constant wiping, more and more melted black lard spilled from the pot; Soap & quot; It will become black and small;

5. Remove the whole pan from the stove, pour out the black lard, wipe it with kitchen paper, clean the pan with hot water and dry it. Set the pan on the stove and repeat steps 2, 3 and 4;

6. After the surface of raw and fat pork is scorched and hard, the surface can be removed with a knife and then continue to be wiped in the pot; After one more round of rubbing, the surface of the pan will appear cleaner than before. This operation can be done until the raw fat pork is no longer blackļ¼ˆ Wash the pan with hot water, dry it, put it on the stove, dry it over low heat, and spread a thin layer of vegetable oil on the kitchen paper; Pot curing & quot; That is, it’s done.

Iron pot to remove odor

1. The new iron pot has a strange smell. Before using it, burn the empty pot with fire, then add hot water and vegetable scraps and cook for a quarter of an hour to remove the strange smell.

2. In addition to the oil smell in the pot, the fried pot will have oil smell when boiling water. If you put a pair of unpainted chopsticks in the boiling water pot, the oil smell can be eliminated.

3. In addition to the smell of pork, when stewing pork or spareribs soup, add a few pieces of orange peel in the pot to remove the smell and oil, and increase the flavor of the soup.

4. Put some sweet potato peels in the pot to cook for a while, then pour them out and wash the pot. The iron smell of the new iron pot can be removed.

5. have the fishy smell of iron pot or other utensils, wash with clean water and dry it, then wipe it with Baijiu 10~15 grams, and then remove the fishy smell after drying.

6. Put some tea in the iron pot, add water to boil for a while, and the smell will be removed.

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