Can drink yoghurt clean intestines and stomach?

Can drink yoghurt clean intestines and stomach?

drink yogurt can clean the stomach?

intestines and stomach due to their own physiological characteristics of wrinkles, coupled with high heat and high fat improper diet, are often prone to appear on the wall of the intestines and stomach black, stench, toxic substances deposition, long-term continuous not clear in time, often harm health, as a common method of cleaning the intestines and stomach, food with clear intestines and stomach usually has the characteristics of high dietary fiber, moistening bowel, defecating, etc It can promote intestinal peristalsis.

is different from milk in that the content of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt is high, which is more conducive to digestion than milk. High lactic acid bacteria not only create an acidic healthy environment for the stomach, but also promote digestion and appetite, and then help intestinal waste discharge, metabolism and intestinal peristalsis. So the efficacy and role of yogurt and gastrointestinal cleaning food should have the characteristics are consistent, so yogurt can be used for gastrointestinal cleaning.

although yogurt has the function of clearing the stomach, in order to ensure its maximum effect and avoid eating mistakes. Yogurt should not be eaten on an empty stomach, and should not be heated. The correct way to eat yogurt is to eat it two hours after a meal. At the same time, we should pay attention to gargle, so as to avoid the occurrence of dental caries.

there are many ways to clean the stomach in our daily life. In addition to the yogurt and other foods we are familiar with, exercise, massage, work and rest time and good mood can not be ignored in helping to clean the stomach.

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