Can drinking fruit juice replace eating fruit

people in modern society pay more and more attention to their health. Different vegetables can play different roles. Here are some delicious and healthy vegetable juices.

tomato juice: can protect skin elasticity, promote bone development, reduce freckles and facial pigmentation, its vitamin P can protect blood vessels, prevent and treat hypertension.

lotus root juice: rich in iron, calcium and other trace elements, plant protein, vitamins and starch, it has obvious effect of Supplementing Qi and blood and enhancing human immunity. It can relieve constipation, invigorate the spleen, stimulate appetite.

sweet pepper juice: Sweet Pepper does not have the strong stimulation of ordinary pepper, but it also has the functions of reducing fat and weight, increasing appetite, helping digestion and so on. Its capsaicin can also prevent cancer. The most proud is its rich vitamin C.

celery juice: it can calm the mood, relieve the anxiety and pressure. It is a good companion for modern high-speed people and a nutritionist to stay up all night. In the process, vitamin C is also greatly reduced, and vitamin C is what you have to take in large quantities.

if the fruit itself contains very few vitamins, such as apples, then, in this process, the vitamins are almost eliminated.

2. Fruits with more nutrients are usually made into juices with more nutrients, such as citrus fruits. However, sometimes, some nutrients, such as vitamin C, are added to the juice artificially. Please look at the label carefully to find out what substance it contains. Maybe some brands of apple juice or grape juice contain the vitamin C you need, but maybe other brands don’t have it at all.

3. The size of the container can affect the vitamin content in juice

. How is this possible? Be aware that vitamin C will decompose when exposed to oxygen, and juice in smaller containers will be exposed to more air during and after packaging.

4; 100% juice & quot; It’s unnecessary.

there are always some things in the seasoning position in fruit juice. They usually have no nutrition. In fact, they don’t taste very good.

5; Fruit juice food& quot; Juice drink & quot; You can’t find too many fruits in

, most of which are water and high content corn syrup. However, there are exceptions. Some Cranberry fruit juices are rich in vitamin C. they are quite nutritious.

6. Once opened, the juice begins to lose nutrition, so don’t store it too long in the refrigerator

the nutrition of sterile juice made of citrus, grapefruit and pineapple can be preserved for 7-10 days. Other low acid juices, such as apples and grapes, can be preserved for a week after opening. If you buy juice that has not been sterilized by high temperature, even if you don’t open it, you must drink it within a week.


drinking juice can replace eating fruit

fresh juice is really the closest thing to fresh fruit, but drinking juice can not replace eating fruit. When the fruit is pressed into juice, the pulp and membrane are removed, and vitamin C is also reduced in the process; Juice drinks usually need to be disinfected by high temperature, so many nutrients are lost. In addition, the plant fiber in fruit is also beneficial to health, but in juicing, these plant fibers are also removed.

juice can replace boiled water

juice drinks, more or less add additives, such as drinking a lot, will produce adverse stimulation to the stomach, but also increase the burden of kidney filtration.

the more juice you drink, the better

because a large amount of sugar in the juice can not be absorbed by the human body, but discharged from the kidney, long-term excessive drinking may lead to kidney disease, resulting in a disease called & quot; Juice urine & quot; It’s a disease of the heart. In addition, excessive intake of fructose can cause indigestion and acidosis.

drugs and juice taken together

juice contains a lot of vitamin C, acidic, such as some acid or alkaline drugs and juice taken together, not only will reduce the efficacy, but also cause adverse reactions. If sulfonamides and fruit juice are taken together, it will increase the burden on the kidney and be harmful to the health of patients.

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