Can dry cleaners make money? How high is the price and profit of dry cleaners

can dry cleaners make money? What is the price and profit of dry cleaners

[1] dry cleaners join in huge market cake : & lt; Basic necessities of life& ldquo; Clothing & quot; First, there will be laundry demand where people live. For the laundry industry, it will never be afraid of no business source, because countless dirty clothes are produced every day; In addition, there are thousands of different kinds of clothing (marked with & lt; Please hand it to the laundry& ldquo; Only dry cleaning & quot; In particular, with the development of the textile industry and the progress of the fashion industry, there will be a variety of new fabrics, many of which can not be washed at home and have to be sent to the laundry.

[2] attractive development space of dry cleaners : according to the latest statistics, with the process of urbanization, the output value of dry cleaners industry for China’s service industry is increasing by 20% every year, and now it has an annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan. In developed countries, 5000 people per capita own a laundry; With the rapid development of economy, there is still a long way to go to reach the level of developed countries; Therefore, to enter the laundry industry ahead of time will bring rich returns.

[3] high profit of dry cleaners : compared with 10-15% of retail industry and 30-50% of catering industry, the profit of dry cleaners is about 70-80%. The cost of washing a piece of clothes is 6-15 yuan, and the cost of raw materials is not more than 1 yuan; In the case of constant cost (rent and staff salary, among which staff salary is relatively low), washing more and earning more — for every extra laundry, only a small amount of laundry raw material cost is increased in expenditure, but the income is increased by 5-15 yuan! It’s hard to find such an industry again!

[4] loyal customer group : compared with other industries, the customer return rate of dry cleaners is more than 80%, and customers have high loyalty. Such a business can last for a long time, just like wine making. The longer the time is, the more mellow the wine is; Many customers of dry cleaners will spend many years in the same laundry, or even become lifelong consumers. This is quite different from the catering industry. Many restaurants have to change their tastes from time to time to cater to the picky tastes of consumers.

[5] cash income, never debt : most of the laundries are cash transactions, because the amount of a single transaction is low, customers will hardly owe money; And usually pay first. As soon as the guests come in, they will have cash income. There are no bad debts and accounts receivable. Modern laundry also through pre-sale stored value card sales management mode, to recover the cost of capital in advance.

[6] convenient management and simple operation : modern laundry chain stores can easily become owners through computer management system, relevant technical training and system management experience summarized by headquarters through practice. As long as we master the scientific laundry care technology, we can strictly control the laundry cost and obtain higher investment income, which can be said to be once and for all.


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