Can eat an egg to fill iron after all?

Can eat an egg to fill iron after all?

can you supplement iron by eating eggs?

in general, the content and absorption rate of animal iron is higher than that of plant iron. The iron content of hairtail (sea fish), crucian carp (freshwater fish) and chicken breast (white meat) in white meat is basically the same, which is 1 mg of iron per 100 grams of food. Red meat contains 2-3 times more iron than white meat. Red meat here refers to lean meat without fat. Even so, red meat is not comparable to animal liver. The iron content of pig liver is 23.2 mg / 100 g.

in terms of content, the iron content of eggs is similar to that of white meat, which also contains 1 mg of iron per 100 grams. But in terms of absorption rate, although eggs are also animal food, there are some exceptions this time. The reason is that there is a component in the yolk of eggs that interferes with iron absorption, called & lt; Egg yolk phosphoprotein;, In this way, the absorption rate of iron in eggs is greatly reduced. For example, the iron absorption rate of liver and red meat is 22%, while that of eggs is only 3%, which is basically similar to that of vegetable food because of the & quot; iron absorption rate in eggs; Egg yolk phosphoprotein & quot; It didn’t work.

in the specific nutritional catering work, iron deficiency is often presented as iron deficiency anemia. For such service objects, we can arrange an appropriate amount of egg food, such as one egg a day or one egg the next day.

because although the iron supplement of eggs is not good, it is rich in high-quality protein, lecithin, DHA and other lipid nutrients. The vitamin content of eggs is also very comprehensive, including almost all B vitamins, choline and fat soluble vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K. in terms of minerals, the calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron and zinc in eggs are also very high Selenium and other essential nutrients are abundant. Therefore, although eggs do not have the best ability to supplement iron, they can still play a major role in promoting the overall nutrition of people with iron deficiency.

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