Can eat Hawthorn to miscarry really?

Can eat Hawthorn to miscarry really?

eat Hawthorn really abortion?

all along, pregnant women are afraid to eat hawthorn, because there are rumors that it will cause abortion, is this true or false? Hawthorn is sour and sweet. Eating it during pregnancy can promote appetite and stop pregnancy and vomiting, but it can’t be eaten. It’s a pity. Experts explained that Hawthorn abortion is a rumor, lack of scientific basis, the most important thing is to control the amount of consumption.

hawthorn is sour and sweet in taste and slightly warm in nature. It has the functions of eliminating food accumulation, dispersing blood stasis, killing insects, strengthening stomach and eliminating distension. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that hawthorn extract by ethanol (alcohol) for intravenous injection, experimental rabbits, there is a slow and lasting antihypertensive effect, as well as the role of uterine contraction.

Hawthorn can contract the uterus, but it can not be proved that it can cause abortion. The extract of hawthorn is used as injection, and the concentration is very high, far more than the amount absorbed when we usually eat hawthorn, so this experiment is not very representative. However, it can make uterine contraction is a fact, although pregnant women do not have to abandon it, but also pay attention to the amount of consumption. Although pregnant women can not eat hawthorn is a rumor, but the following groups of people really can not eat Hawthorn!

people with low blood lipid should be careful with

Hawthorn has the effect of reducing blood lipid. People with low blood lipid who eat more Hawthorn will affect their health.

for those with excessive gastric acid secretion, use with caution

for those with abdominal distension and abdominal pain after eating due to weakness of spleen and stomach, such children should not eat too much Hawthorn snacks. In addition, hawthorn can promote gastric acid secretion, so excessive gastric acid secretion should also be used with caution, eat more hawthorn is not good for the spleen and stomach.

spleen and stomach weakness need to be used with caution

traditional Chinese medicine believes that Hawthorn just need not supplement, not all children are suitable to eat hawthorn tablets, those who usually spleen and stomach is weak, do not like to eat, or relative to their peers, eat less food at every meal, so children are not suitable to eat hawthorn tablets, fruit Dan skin and other Hawthorn snacks.

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