Can eating too much sugar cause ADHD?

Can eating too much sugar cause ADHD?

can eating too much sugar cause ADHD?

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& lt; The idea that sugar causes ADHD is based on a single study in mid-1970, in which a doctor removed sugar from a child’s diet and improved the child’s behavior& rdquo; Said an associate professor of pediatrics at the medical college. Since then, many larger studies have been carried out, but no one has found that sugar causes ADHD. Interestingly, the researchers found that parents were more likely to think their children were hyperactive after eating sugar. In one study, parents were asked to rate their children’s sexual hyperactivity after eating sugary drinks. In fact, drinks are sugar free. You may think that your child is active at his or her birthday party because he or she ate a lot of sweets, but in fact your child’s behavior has clues to look for, because he or she is excited by playing games with friends. Experts say that before blaming candy for hyperactivity or bad behavior, you should make a correct judgment about your child’s environment. Some studies even say that sugar can actually have a calming effect, because it produces a chemical called serotonin, which helps keep the body feeling good.

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apart from ADHD, there is another reason why you should pay attention to the amount of sugar your children eat. When children eat a lot of sugary foods, they have little appetite to eat the healthy foods they need to grow up with, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat protein and low-fat dairy products. Although you don’t have to completely limit the sweet stuff (a bit of a balance between education and abstinence), you can have a way to supply sugar. For example, try bananas and low-fat chocolate milk instead of biscuits and milk. Or a small bowl of ice cream or frozen yogurt with fresh berries. In this way, children on the one hand to eat dessert, on the other hand, there is nutrition.

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