Can Epiphyllum be eaten?

speaking of Epiphyllum, many friends will think of Epiphyllum. This is mainly because the opening time of Epiphyllum is relatively short, and the taste of Epiphyllum is very unique, with good sterilization effect. If you put a plant of Epiphyllum indoors, it is not only very beautiful, but also can effectively purify the indoor air. And we all know that many flowers are edible, so can Epiphyllum be eaten?

but if we analyze Epiphyllum from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it is also a good medicine with the effect of conditioning the body. The most common use of Epiphyllum is to clear away heat and relieve cough, and it has a good effect on treating cough for a long time. Therefore, Epiphyllum can be eaten.

for some often prone to palpitations or always insomnia friends, often drinking some Epiphyllum tea is also very helpful, Epiphyllum also has a good effect on the treatment of anxiety and insomnia. For the heart and stomach qi pain caused by palpitations, insomnia and other poor mental status or other reasons, it also has obvious effect of relieving pain with Qi.

usually when we brew fresh Epiphyllum with hot water, we can also add some rock sugar to mix and drink. Rock sugar is warm in nature. When brewing with Epiphyllum, it can not only relieve cough and phlegm, but also clear blood and detoxify; Its heat clearing effect can also treat large intestine fever, and has certain therapeutic effect on constipation and hematochezia caused by it.

in addition to adding rock sugar for brewing and drinking, we can also mix Epiphyllum with honey for flushing and drinking. We can also put some Epiphyllum in the stew, and then pour in an appropriate amount of rice wine or add raw land, cassia seed and other herbs for stewing. After stewing, not only the meat tastes delicious, but also can effectively prevent hypertension and hyperlipidemia after eating.

now you know the answer to this question, but although Epiphyllum has the above effects, because Epiphyllum itself is cold, so for friends with a cold stomach, it’s better not to drink Epiphyllum tea. Even if you don’t have stomach cold, Epiphyllum also has some damage to the stomach, appropriate drinking can, not long-term drinking.

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