Can expired milk be used to make facial mask?

we know that many people have milk in it. Drinking milk on a regular basis is also a way to improve the patient’s physique. But for the sake of health, don’t just eat some expired milk. Because expired milk is often easy to diarrhea. But do not throw away the expired milk casually. The expired milk actually can not only make the mask, but also can wash the face. In the end, expired milk can be used as a mask to wash your face?

you can wash your face with milk before applying makeup. Milk has the function of whitening, tenderness and smoothness. Many people’s face becomes smooth immediately after washing, which makes it easier to powder. But before washing face with milk, use cleanser to clean dirt first, and then wash face with milk after water.

steps of face washing with milk.

2. Put the right amount of fresh milk into the basin and dip the milk with a towel (do not dry the towel).


3, light face printing, repeated about 5-6 times.

4, let the milk apply on the face for 3 minutes, then rinse with water.

can expired milk wash your face?

yes. The reason why the expired milk can protect skin is that a large amount of lactic acid is produced in the milk, which can soften the cutin and has a good moisturizing effect. Secondly, although the milk has gone bad, the fat in it has not been damaged in a short time, so the moisturizing effect will not be weakened. From this point of view, full fat expired milk skin care effect is better than skim milk.

precautions for using expired milk

it should be noted that if the expired milk has caked, do not use it. Because when the milk protein caking, it lost the moisturizing effect, the significance of skin care is not big.

milk powder ingredients after drying, can not maintain freshness, less lactic acid bacteria, skin care effect is not as strong as fresh milk.

people with allergic constitution of expired milk should use it with caution to prevent allergic reaction and acne.

warm reminder: there is no doubt that overdue milk can be used as a mask to wash your face. It’s not a waste, and it’s not a good way to cosmetology. But when you wash your face with milk, there are some precautions, that is, after you wash your face with milk, you need to rinse it with milk again. Otherwise, there will be the problem of residual milk breeding bacteria.

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