Can fresh milk be frozen?

can fresh milk be frozen? This problem needs us to study carefully, because fresh milk is drunk by almost every household. Of course, the way we preserve fresh milk is freezing, so will the nutrition of fresh milk disappear after freezing, In other words, what bad effects will fresh milk have after freezing? Fresh milk tastes better after freezing, but can fresh milk be frozen?

can fresh milk be frozen? Before answering this question, we must understand what fresh milk is. Fresh milk is fresh milk. Fresh milk is rich in protein and a variety of trace elements that our human body needs. Drinking fresh milk often can supplement our body’s nutrition.

milk, one of the oldest natural drinks, is known as “white blood”, and its importance to human body can be imagined. As the name suggests, it is squeezed from the female cow. In different countries, milk is also divided into different grades, the most common is full fat, low-fat and skim milk. At present, there are quite a lot of milk additives on the market, such as high calcium and low-fat milk, which emphasizes the addition of calcium.

inorganic salts in milk are also called minerals. Milk contains Ca2 +, Mg2 +, K +, Fe3 + and PO43 -, SO42 -, Cl -; In addition, there are trace elements I, Cu, Zn, Mn, etc. Calcium in nature exists in the form of compound. Only when it is absorbed passively and by plants to form bioactive calcium can it be better absorbed and utilized by human body. Milk is rich in active calcium, which is one of the best calcium sources for human beings. One liter of fresh milk contains about 1250 mg of active calcium, which is the most common food. It is 101 times as much as rice, 75 times as much as lean beef and 110 times as much as lean pork. It is not only high in content, but also the lactose in [2] can promote the absorption of calcium by human intestinal wall, with the absorption rate as high as 98%, thus regulating the metabolism of calcium in the body, Maintain serum calcium concentration and promote bone calcification. Good absorption is especially critical for calcium supplementation. Therefore, “milk can supplement calcium” is a scientific statement.

for the middle-aged and old people, milk has another big advantage, that is, compared with many animal protein cholesterol, the content of cholesterol in milk is lower (milk: 13 mg / 100 g; milk: 13 mg / 100 g; milk: 10 mg / 100 g); Lean meat: 77mg / 100g). It is worth mentioning that some ingredients in milk can also inhibit the amount of cholesterol produced by the liver, so that milk can also reduce cholesterol.

above we introduced what is fresh milk. We know that fresh milk is fresh milk. Our daily way to preserve fresh milk is to freeze it. However, the freezing method of fresh milk is not scientific, because it is easy to change the protein quality of fresh milk after freezing, and make the fat layered, which is not easy to be absorbed by the human body.

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