Can ginger be used as medicine?

Can ginger be used as medicine?

can ginger be used as medicine?

traditional Chinese medicine has always been & lt; Medicine and food are of the same origin; In Treatise on febrile diseases, ginger is the most important medicine. The reason why ginger can be entrusted with the important task is that ginger is not only warm in nature, but also plays a role of adaptation and promotion in various functions of the body.

so called & lt; Go to bed with radish and get out of bed with ginger;, Pay attention to eat ginger in the morning. In the early morning, the rising of ginger just helps to activate the various functions of the body, while in the night, the Qi of the body is convergent, so ginger is no longer needed to stimulate. Modern research has found that ginger contains & lt; Gingerol & quot;, It can make the heart beat faster, blood vessels dilate, blood flow speed up, also can make the digestive tract peristalsis strengthen, digestive secretion is exuberant, warm up, stomach function.

ginger has different effects after different treatment and processing. Ginger & lt; Go without keeping;, It tends to disperse cold; Dried ginger & lt; Be able to walk and keep;, Warm inside and can expel cold; Ginger & lt; Keep but don’t go & quot;, Focus on warming the interior and solidifying the void.

to be specific: fresh ginger is put into Shangjiao, with strong divergent function. It is very easy to use when catching a cold. A bowl of ginger soup or brown sugar ginger water, ginger juice cola can drive out the cold. If you are young and in good health, you can use older ginger, which has great divergent power; If you are old and have poor constitution, it is suitable to use ginger, because they can’t stand too much divergence.

ginger drying is dry ginger, the role of dry ginger moved down to the middle energizer, mainly for the spleen and stomach deficiency cold caused by various problems, such as stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea, stool does not form. In fact, dried ginger is dehydrated ginger, because it is dehydrated, so only & lt; Dry goods;, The nature of warm is much more than ginger.

after the processing of dried ginger, it is processed ginger. Processed ginger is black, and its action site is moved to the lower Jiao. Diarrhea caused by kidney deficiency, menorrhagia and even metrorrhagia are all indications of processed ginger. Because the processing link is increased, it is not only warmer, but also has more convergence effect.

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