Can ginkgo be eaten as a snack?

Can ginkgo be eaten as a snack?

can ginkgo be eaten as a snack?

ginkgo as a snack, the baby ate poisoned

Tong Tong’s family bought a lot of ginkgo, Tong Tong’s grandmother has always thought that ginkgo is a good thing, eat more can tonify the body, then boiled the ginkgo and fed it to Tong Tong. Cooked ginkgo taste good, Tong Tong ate more than 20. Who knows, that morning, the child’s body appeared condition, has been rolling in bed, but also nausea, to the evening of the day, the child suddenly convulsed, scared adults& ldquo; Later sent to our hospital, through the parents’ description and examination, we diagnosed acute poisoning caused by excessive consumption of ginkgo& rdquo; The hospital doctor said that since it was more than 9 hours before eating ginkgo, gastric lavage had no effect. The doctor decided to help the child to drain and discharge the poison from the child’s body& ldquo; In the child’s excretion of more than 200 grams of feces, can obviously see no digestion of Ginkgo ingredients& rdquo; After excretion, the doctor infused Tongtong with fluids to recuperate his body. The next day, he checked his liver and kidney function again. It didn’t hurt much. We were relieved. According to the records of compendium of Materia Medica, ginkgo cooked food can warm the lung and replenish qi, relieve asthma and cough, reduce defecation and stop turbidity. Therefore, for the patients with phlegm and asthma, the curative effect is significant. The famous Dingchuan Decoction for asthma in traditional Chinese medicine is based on Ginkgo. Modern studies have proved that ginkgo has a certain anti-aging effect. Experts said that ginkgo contains protein, sugars, vitamins and other nutrients. It does have the effect of nourishing yin and beauty. Eating it also has certain benefits for cardiovascular protection.

. However, when it is used as food or for the purpose of health care, it should be noted that ginkgo contains a small amount of cyanoside, which can be decomposed into highly toxic hydrocyanic acid under certain conditions. Therefore, if it is not for the purpose of treatment, it must not be eaten raw. Although the toxicity will decrease after heat, it can not be eaten in large quantities. For adults, it is generally safe to take no more than 10 pills at a time, while children should not take more than 5 pills. In addition, those who have real evil should not take ginkgo, and those who are easy to bleed and those who are deficient in cold should not eat ginkgo.

eating raw ginkgo is more toxic than eating cooked ginkgo

said not to eat raw ginkgo, because raw ginkgo is more toxic& ldquo; A safer way to eat is to shell the ginkgo and soak it in water for about an hour before heating it. This can reduce the toxicity& rdquo;

there are many ways to eat ripe ginkgo. It can be used as a dish, and can be cooked in a variety of ways, such as frying, steaming, simmering, stewing, braising, burning, frying, stewing, etc. If it’s fresh ginkgo, you need to remove the shell first. The peeled white nuts will be covered with a light brown film. As long as you soak them in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, you can easily tear them. You can also buy the processed fresh ginkgo in the supermarket. When you cook chicken, stew and soup, you can put a few pieces of ginkgo, which will not only make the dishes more delicious, eliminate the greasy feeling when eating meat, but also prevent the poisoning of raw ginkgo.

use ginkgo fruit in vegetables or soup, preferably later. This is because the starch of ginkgo is easy to gelatinize. In order to keep the flavor of ginkgo as much as possible, it’s better to put in the white nuts after the chicken and duck meat are basically cooked, and then heat them slightly for a while.

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