Can high blood sugar cause panic?

now people’s quality of life has improved significantly, so many patients usually do not pay attention to their diet regulation, causing most people to suffer from high blood sugar phenomenon, and if the disease is not properly and timely, it will cause a series of adverse effects, Especially the phenomenon of panic, then, high blood sugar will really cause panic? Let’s have a simple understanding!

for patients with hypertension and hyperglycemia panic phenomenon, we must pay attention to control emotions, mainly caused by high blood pressure panic phenomenon, so our first task is to take antihypertensive drugs to alleviate, if the blood pressure is not very high, can take enalapril. If the blood pressure is high and fluctuates greatly, you can take the dihydrogen calcium antagonist “baixintong”, 30 mg a day. If you still can’t lower it, you can take another “shoubishan” tablet.

2 in addition, we should pay attention to adjust the diet structure to improve. At ordinary times, we should try not to eat or eat less food with high cholesterol. We can often eat vegetables and fruits with more fiber. They contain a lot of plant sterols, which can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol and play an anti hardening role. In addition to diet control, moderate exercise is also necessary for patients with hypertension and hyperglycemia, which has certain benefits for the treatment of the disease.

3 in addition to drug treatment and diet conditioning, after blood pressure is stable, it is best to cooperate with diet therapy to reduce blood pressure, so as to better stabilize the symptoms of hypertension and hyperglycemia. For example, you can choose to drink chrysanthemum and hawthorn tea. Use chrysanthemum and tea 10 g each, hawthorn 30 g each. Drink with boiled water, 1 dose daily, often. It has the functions of clearing away heat, reducing blood pressure, eliminating food and strengthening stomach, and is most suitable for patients with hypertension and hyperglycemia.

patients with hypertension and hyperglycemia should pay attention to the regulation of diet and limit the intake of foods rich in fat and cholesterol when they have panic; Choose low-fat food (vegetable oil, yoghurt); Increase vitamins and fiber (fruits, vegetables, bread and cereals).

patients with high blood sugar must regularly go to the hospital for examination. Fruits should not be eaten too much, and sugars should not be eaten. The usual diet should be light as far as possible. It is also very beneficial for our body to eat more light food. It is better for patients with greasy food not to eat too much.

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