Can more pig hoof really whiten?

Can more pig hoof really whiten?

eat pig hoof really can whitening?

pig hoof is rich in collagen, in addition to good health care, but also has a good cosmetic effect, welcomed by many female friends. Papaya breast enhancement and pig hoof whitening have been popular for a long time, and many female friends still regard them as classics. But can eating pig’s hoof really realize your whitening dream? There is no scientific basis for this.

people’s skin not only undertakes the physiological function of resisting external injury, but also undertakes the sensory function of feedback of human health and expression of human aesthetic feeling. From the outside to the inside, the skin is divided into epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Each layer is divided into different sub layers from the outside to the inside. One layer of dermis is called “dermis”; Collagen fiber;, It mainly contains collagen, which is the main component of dermis, accounting for about 95%. It can be simply summarized as follows: the moisture content and moisture of the skin are related to the epidermis, while the elasticity of the skin is more related to the dermis. The pig’s trotters are awesome because they are rich in collagen, which is often considered to be a force to increase skin elasticity and make the skin more youthful. However, as shown in the figure, the collagen fiber layer is only one component of many sub layers of the skin. Whether the skin is in a healthy, elastic and moisture state often depends not only on the amount of collagen, but also on many other components. Therefore, we want to get & lt; Whitening, elastic, smooth and moisturizing & quot; My skin is not reliable.

collagen does not directly become a skin component when it enters the human body.

protein is important to the human body because it is an important component of many parts of the human body. Keratin is the main component in the epidermis of the skin, while collagen is the main component in the dermis. Collagen accounts for about 25% – 30% of the human body, but it is not only & lt; Serving & quot; In the skin, it also has functions such as signal transduction, transportation of growth factors and cytokines, and plays a role in supporting, protecting, combining and forming a boundary between the body and organs. That is to say, even if the collagen that people eat into the body can be directly used by the human body, it may not necessarily be able to be used on the skin. Whether eating pig’s hoof can increase elasticity or even whiten is still two questions.

however, the reason why most experts in the field of nutrition refute the claim of pig hoof whitening for many times is that & lt; The collagen that people eat into the body can be directly used by the human body; This is not true. Collagen is a kind of macromolecular protein, but the human body can only absorb protein and a part of small molecular polypeptides. When large molecules such as collagen enter the human body, the stomach, pancreas and other digestive organs will secrete pepsin, trypsin and so on. The large molecular structure of collagen protein will be chopped and broken into glycine, proline, hydroxyproline or small molecular polypeptides, Then according to the human body’s needs for different amino acids, the recombinant protein is made into a new protein. The new proteins may be enzymes, components of body organs, or hormones. That is to say, after collagen enters the human body, it can not directly become collagen in the skin. Naturally, it has little effect on the skin. Therefore, the role of pig hoof whitening, most belong to the placebo effect.

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