Can not eat too much vegetables, too much carrots easy to cause carrot disease

vegetables are essential to our table every day, but too much vegetables also have disadvantages, these vegetables can not eat more! Now follow to understand it!

1、 Over eating carrot

although carotene is very nutritious to human, we should also pay attention to the appropriate consumption. Excessive consumption of vegetable juice made from carrots or tomatoes may cause carotenemia, turning the skin of the face and hands into orange, resulting in loss of appetite, unstable mental state, restlessness, even restlessness in sleep, accompanied by night terrors, crying, and talking about dreams.

2、 Excessive spinach

spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid, should not be eaten too much. Oxalic acid in the human body with calcium and zinc to form calcium oxalate and zinc oxalate, not easy to absorb out of the body, affect the absorption of calcium and zinc in the intestine, easy to cause calcium, zinc deficiency, lead to bone, tooth dysplasia, but also affect intellectual development. In addition, in addition to spinach, amaranth, water spinach, bamboo shoots, onion, water bamboo, although rich in calcium, but also high oxalic acid, easy to form calcium oxalate precipitation, affect the absorption of calcium.

3、 Excessive consumption of rootless bean sprouts

at present, most of the rootless bean sprouts sold on the market are produced by hormones and chemical fertilizers. Under the action of intestinal bacteria, these nitrogen-containing compounds will be converted into nitrosamines. Long term consumption can cause people to suffer from gastric cancer and gastric cancer Liver cancer, esophageal cancer, rectal cancer, etc.

4、 Excessive eating of Zizania latifolia

is a common aquatic vegetable with rich dietary fiber and low calorie. When eating Zizania latifolia, it should be noted that Zizania latifolia should not be eaten with honey; In addition, because Zizania latifolia contains more oxalic acid, calcium is not easy to be absorbed by the human body, suffering from kidney disease, urinary calculi should not eat more.

5、 Excessive eating amaranth

pregnant women should eat it in the perinatal period, because amaranth is slippery and can smooth the body and fetus. Such as “compendium of Materia Medica” that is, amaranth slide said《 “Diet notes” also said: amaranth, pregnant women eat the slippery fetus, the moon food easy to produce. Therefore, pregnant women full-term labor, the most appropriate food. However, it should be pointed out that amaranth is not only slippery, but also taboo in early pregnancy《 It is said in Diannan materia medica that it can dredge blood vessels and expel blood stasis《 It is also pointed out in the supplement of Materia Medica Yan Yi that amaranth is good at going through blood. This shows that early pregnancy should not eat, especially those who have abortion tendency or habitual abortion history.

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