Can onion remove formaldehyde?

with the development of economy, the pollution of cities is becoming more and more serious. People try every means to remove all kinds of peculiar smell. It’s not only good for children, but also good for families. Of course, we all know that plants can purify the air, because plants can release oxygen and consume carbon dioxide, So the greening of the city is extremely needed, so in addition to plants, what other things have greening effect.

some people say that onions can remove formaldehyde. In fact, this is not the case in my opinion. After all, onions have a strong taste, so it is possible that the taste of onions can cover the taste of formaldehyde. Just like pomelo peel, it has little effect on removing formaldehyde.

onion, orange peel and grapefruit peel are often used to remove decoration odor. Its principle is that its molecules are larger than formaldehyde molecules, so it can “cover” odor, but it is not really adsorption. Pineapple only reduces the smell of formaldehyde, formaldehyde is still volatilizing, “pineapple in addition to formaldehyde smell, but also will have some reaction with formaldehyde, may cause other harm to human body, onion and tea is the same reason.”.

put the basin in the corner of the room, the taste will soon be gone, put more plants. Ventilation for several hours in the morning and evening, in addition, with formaldehyde scavenger, we must choose the air purifier that will not produce secondary pollution, such as the effect of zhenganling is not bad, it can not only quickly remove formaldehyde and other harmful gases, but also quickly remove peculiar smell.

therefore, if we want to go out early to get rid of the bad smell or formaldehyde smell of the room, we might as well open the window to let the air in the room circulate enough. Of course, the purification effect of plants is also very big. It’s also very good to put more potted plants. At the same time, we can also use some chemicals, such as air fresheners, to remove the bad smell.

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