Can porridge nourish the stomach?

Can porridge nourish the stomach?

can porridge nourish the stomach?

when your stomach is upset, someone will always ask you & lt; More porridge can nourish the stomach;, However, the fact is that eating porridge to nourish the stomach varies from person to person. For some patients with gastroesophageal reflux who are prone to heartburn and acid regurgitation, eating porridge can also & lt; Add insult to injury;. Porridge is the food that we usually use to raise our body. We can always see it when we don’t want to eat or get sick. Porridge has always been known as a good stomach tonic, but Xiaobian recently heard that porridge can’t nourish the stomach. Is that true?

porridge for gastritis patients can really nourish the stomach

porridge belongs to liquid food, which can quickly enter the small intestine without a lot of chewing and stomach peristalsis, decompose into glucose and be absorbed by the human body, thus greatly reducing the burden on the stomach. Generally speaking, the gastric acid secretion of gastritis patients is insufficient. Eating porridge can promote gastric acid secretion, help food digestion, and improve blood sugar. From this point of view, eating porridge is indeed & lt; Nourish the stomach;.

other gastrointestinal patients should not drink porridge, there are four reasons: 6667

1, porridge water:

due to porridge water, oral and gastrointestinal secretion of digestive juice will be diluted, food will not be digested in time, gastrointestinal function is not good people’s stomach movement will be more slow, which further aggravates the burden of the stomach.

2, can’t chew and swallow slowly: 6667

when the stomach is uncomfortable, you should chew and swallow slowly, in addition to the appearance, or because it can make the food and saliva mixed, so that the food to the stomach is easier to digest. When you drink porridge, you can’t chew it slowly, and the food can’t be mixed with the digestive juice evenly, which is not conducive to digestion.

3, porridge inhibit the secretion of amylase:

amylase in saliva is an important substance that can promote digestion, if people eat without chewing, salivary glands in the mouth will not secrete a lot of saliva, so there will not be enough amylase. Often drink porridge will inhibit the secretion of amylase, is not conducive to food digestion.

4, porridge is acidic:

eat too well or eat too full, will stimulate the stomach to secrete a lot of gastric acid, patients with reflux esophagitis increased significantly. For this part of patients do not adapt to drink porridge stomach, because porridge is acidic, continue to drink porridge, no doubt hurt. Many patients with superficial gastritis believe in porridge for a long time, which eventually leads to reflux esophagitis, and even esophageal erosion.

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