Can pregnant eat mung bean cake?

mung bean cake is often eaten in life, for some people who prefer to eat mung bean, as long as it is mung bean food will eat. However, before we eat food, the best thing is to understand their characteristics and suitable for which people to eat, because not all people can eat food, and eating food depends on everyone’s physique. For some special groups to eat more attention, such as pregnant women.

the diet health of pregnant women is very important, because their health is related to the baby in the belly. The nutrition they absorb needs to be absorbed by the baby, so if they eat some harmful food, it is not good for the growth of the baby. So pregnant can eat mung bean cake?

it is OK for pregnant women to eat mung bean cake, but it is recommended not to eat too much. Eating too much cold food is not good for their own and fetal development. The content of lysine in mung bean is higher than other crops. Lysine is an essential amino acid for human body. It is an important raw material for the synthesis of protein, which can improve the utilization rate of protein, thus enhancing appetite and digestive function. It can promote development, improve intelligence, increase height and weight, so it is called nutritional amino acid.

mung bean has high nutritional value, which can be said to be a treasure all over the body. The protein content of mung bean is almost three times that of Japonica rice, and the inorganic salts such as vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and iron are more than japonica rice. Therefore, it not only has good edible value, but also has very good medicinal value, which is called “the food valley of helping the world”.

, like mung bean powder, can treat sore, swelling and scald; Mung bean skin can improve eyesight; Mung bean sprouts can also relieve alcohol. Mung bean soup is often used in summer. It not only increases nutrition, but also has some effects on nephritis, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, gastroenteritis, laryngitis and vision loss. Mung bean cake is not high in calories.

however, although mung bean is good, because it is cold, so people with weak spleen and stomach should not eat more; Moreover, mung beans should not be cooked too rotten, so as to avoid the destruction of organic acids and vitamins, and reduce the effect of heat clearing and detoxification.

mung bean is sweet and cool in nature and has the function of clearing away heat and toxin. In summer, people working in high temperature environment sweat a lot, water loss is great, and electrolyte balance in the body is destroyed. Mung bean soup is the most ideal method to supplement, which can clear the heat, replenish qi, quench thirst and diuresis. It can not only supplement water, but also timely supplement inorganic salts, which is of great significance to maintain water electrolyte balance.

pregnant people can eat mung bean cake, because mung bean cake is rich in protein, so pregnant women eat the baby will absorb such nutrition, so as to better promote the growth of the baby. For some patients with hypertension, if eating mung bean cake can play a role in reducing blood pressure, eating mung bean can also play a role in improving eyesight. So mung bean cake is good.

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