Can pregnant women eat dried plum vegetables?

when there are pregnant women at home, the food that pregnant women eat at this time has received the attention of many families. Some parents are very strict, as long as a little adverse to pregnant women and children’s food will not be allowed to eat, and some of the food pregnant women like to eat, but can not eat, especially unhappy heart ah. But for the sake of the baby in the stomach, as a mother, she has to endure the desire in her mouth. Moreover, in different periods of pregnancy, the diet needs to pay attention to is also different.

moldy dried vegetable is a kind of pickled food, which has high salt content. If expectant mothers eat too much plum dried vegetable, it will also have a certain impact on their body, which will make their body swell, but occasionally eating moldy dried vegetable is no problem. Now let’s see what the doctor said.

dried plum vegetables belong to pickled food after all. There may be some harmful substances in the process of pickling. If pregnant mother wants to eat, she can eat less, but not more.

expectant mothers should eat less pickles

after pregnancy, some women become fond of sour food, so they often eat a lot of pickles. However, obstetricians and gynecologists suggest that it is OK for pregnant women to occasionally eat a small amount of pickles, but excessive intake is not good for their own and fetal health and development. Dr.

explained that there are nitroso compounds in pickles, which have strong carcinogenicity and can induce tumors in various animals, tissues and organs. It is worth noting that some nitroso compounds can cause uterine tumor and fetal malformation through placenta. But it’s not that you can’t eat sour food. After all, sour food can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, improve the activity of digestive enzymes and promote gastric peristalsis, which is conducive to the digestion of food and the absorption of various nutrients. Therefore, eating sour food after pregnancy is conducive to the health of the fetus and the mother, but it must be picked to eat.

after seeing the doctor’s answer, you expectant mothers should know why they can’t always eat dried plum vegetables. Although a lot of food before like to eat, but after pregnancy is not the same, the human body has changed in all aspects, and the belly of the child will directly absorb the current nutrition, whether it is beneficial or harmful. For their own health, can only bear to give up.

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