Can pregnant women eat swordfish

swordfish, or swordfish, is called swordfish because its head has a sword like organ. This kind of fish is very rare in the northern waters of China, and can only survive in some waters near Hainan Island. Because this kind of fish lives in tropical and subtropical areas. Swordfish is a carnivore, mainly relying on other marine animals to survive. So the meat is thick, and sports make it taste good.

as a national treasure of the family, pregnant women are loved and cared by all the family members. Some foods that are not suitable for pregnant women are absolutely not allowed to be touched. So, for pregnant women, can you eat swordfish?

swordfish are the top predators within their depth range. Their food includes other pelagic fish, tuna, Misgurnus anguillicaudatus, flying fish, squid and other cephalopods. The young swordfish is delicious and can be dried with salt for long-term preservation. It can also be processed into canned food, fish sausage, fish ham, etc. The fish is rich in fat, vitamins and potassium.

French Department of public health and food safety (afssa) pointed out that pregnant women, lactating women and infants under 30 months should not eat swordfish. Studies have shown that swordfish and other carnivorous fish are at the end of the food chain, so it is easy to concentrate a pollutant called methylmercury. The substance appears naturally or occasionally in the environment. Although methylmercury varies with the environment, it is relatively high in carnivorous fish. The central nervous system of young infants will show specific toxic reactions to this mercury derivative.

of course, this kind of fish does not need to be completely fasted. The weekly consumption of pregnant women and lactating women can be limited to 150 grams. For infants under 30 months old, it is 60 grams.

from the above, we can see that although swordfish has high nutritional value, it belongs to the marine life of national protection level. However, due to the food chain of swordfish, it may carry some pollutants. In this way, pregnant women, for the sake of the baby’s health, or try not to eat swordfish.

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