Can pregnant women eat yellow skin?

yellow skin is a common fruit in life, with refreshing taste and appetizing effect, which is loved by pregnant women. We all know that women’s appetite will decline when they are pregnant. At this time, the yellow skin, which has the functions of digestion, soothing Qi and removing heat, becomes the favorite of pregnant women. However, considering the particularity of pregnant women’s body, we still need to pay more attention when eating it. Now let’s take a look at pregnant women can eat yellow skin?

wampee is rich in sugar, organic acid, pectin and vitamin C. wampee can also be used for processing jam, preserves and candy to make our diet more colorful.

can pregnant women eat yellow skin? Pregnant women in life can be appropriate to eat yellow skin, but not too much. Wampee is one of the fruits in the south of China. It can be salted or sugared into cool fruit in addition to fresh food. It has the functions of digestion, soothing Qi and removing summer heat. The root, leaf and fruit core (i.e. seed) have the functions of moving Qi, eliminating stagnation, relieving exterior heat, relieving pain and resolving phlegm. For abdominal pain, stomachache, cold and fever. It has been reported that parasitism of Clausena lansium has similar effects. Wampee has a high nutritional value and a wide range of uses. It is a special fruit in Hainan. The fruit is rich in sugar, organic acid, pectin, vitamin C, volatile oil and flavonoid glycosides.

the fruit of wampee can not only be eaten raw, but also be processed into jam, preserves, drinks and candy. The seed of Clausena lansium is rich in oil and its oil yield is as high as 42%. It is an excellent lubricant. As a kind of high-quality fruit, wampee can be processed into jelly, jam, preserves, fruit cakes and cool drinks, or salted, sugar. Therefore, among the people, wampee is known as “the treasure of fruit”. When eating yellow peel in summer, you can chew the pulp, peel and core in your mouth, and swallow them with dregs and juice. Although the taste is bitter, it can reduce fire, treat dyspepsia and stomach fullness.

the above content is for pregnant women can eat yellow skin introduction, hope to be able to bring you some help. Pregnant women, a special group, need to pay more attention to diet. Although yellow skin has the function of appetizing digestion, pregnant women can not eat more because of certain sugar content in the yellow peel, so as not to increase the risk of gestational diabetes, and it is not good for the body.

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