Can Pueraria camphor tea really prevent drunkenness?

Can Pueraria camphor tea really prevent drunkenness?

can Gegen Zhangmu tea really prevent drunkenness?

Shandong reader asked: my husband is in business. He usually has a lot of social activities and often needs to drink. I heard that there is a & lt; A thousand cups are never drunk; The folk prescription: camphor wood, Pueraria each half two tea to drink, drink before drinking to prevent drunk, drink after drunk. Is this really effective?

expert comments: & lt; A thousand cups are never drunk; Although exaggeration, but this prescription does have a certain anti alcohol effect.

kudzu root, as a medicinal and edible plant, has a history of more than 2000 years. It is also the most commonly used antialcoholic drug in traditional Chinese medicine. It is mainly used to relieve the symptoms of alcoholism and hangover, as well as the discomfort of heart and circulatory system《 According to the records of traditional Chinese medicine classics such as Qianjin prescription and treatise on medicinal properties, Gegen & quot; Antidote and cure drunkenness;. The results showed that the total flavonoids in Pueraria lobata could improve the tolerance of mice to alcohol, reduce the blood alcohol content, reduce the mortality and liver damage《 In Qianjin prescription, fresh kudzu root juice is used to treat the drunk, while in Bencao Yanyi, kudzu root powder is used to treat the drunk. Pueraria before drinking is better than after drinking. Pueraria can form a protective film in gastrointestinal mucosa, block the absorption of alcohol, reduce the concentration of alcohol in blood, so as to play the role of anti alcohol.

camphor wood is also one of the traditional Chinese medicines commonly used to relieve alcohol, and its volatile components have the effect of relieving alcohol and arousing consciousness《 According to the compendium of materia medica: & lt; Camphor wood, pungent and non-toxic, indications of abdominal distension, food does not disappear, pungent channeling, can go to moisture& rdquo;

Radix Puerariae is widely used in the treatment of alcoholism and is easy to buy, so we can also use Radix Puerariae alone. Of course, it is also good to drink in an appropriate amount. We should take full account of the individual’s physical condition and tolerance to alcohol. It is not recommended to use antidotes to achieve the purpose of unlimited drinking.

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