Can pure fruit juice completely replace fruit? Drink more fruit juice and be alert to fruit juice syndrome

with people, can pure fruit juice completely replace fruit? Many people believe that fruit juice can replace fruit. Drinking fruit juice can supplement the nutrients in fruit (such as vitamin C). In particular, children who do not like fruit should drink more, or even completely replace drinking water.

pure fruit juice should be a low calorie beverage without preservatives, artificial colors and other food additives. It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and organic acids. It can not only beauty and skin care, fitness and weight loss, but also play an exact role in disease prevention and health care. It is particularly suitable for children, the elderly, patients with radiotherapy and chemotherapy and those who recover from illness. After fresh vegetables are processed into vegetable juice, except for the loss of cellulose, almost all of them retain their original nutritional value, such as high vitamins, high minerals, trace elements and a variety of essential nutrients. They not only have high nutritional value, but also taste good.

summer day is coming. The weather is hot and sweating. Many people drink fruit juice drinks to relieve heat and cool themselves. Moderate drinking is really healthy. But if you drink too much, especially children, you are prone to modern lifestyle diseases & mdash& mdash;& ldquo; Juice drink syndrome & rdquo;.

“ Juice syndrome & rdquo; It is a series of diseases caused by children drinking fruit juice drinks for a long time. The prevention of such diseases is very simple, that is, eat more fruit, drink less fruit juice and add milk. Children under 2 years old should preferably refuse to drink fruit juice drinks.

fruit juice retains a considerable part of the nutrients in the fruit, such as vitamins, minerals, sugar and pectin in dietary fiber. The taste is also better than ordinary boiled water. Compared with water and carbonated drinks, fruit juice does have considerable advantages. However, most fruit juices are & ldquo; Delicious & rdquo;, It is the result of seasoning by adding sugar, sweetener, sour material, spice and other components. It should be reminded that there is a considerable gap between the nutrition of fruit juice and fruit. Do not confuse the two. Fruit juice can not completely replace fruit.

why not use fruit juice instead of fruit?

at present, it is popular to drink fruit juice. Many housewives have Juicers at home. Although the process of squeezing fruit juice is a little cumbersome, because the freshly squeezed fruit juice tastes smooth, many people gradually abandon the habit of eating fruit and turn to drinking fruit juice. However, fruit juice is suitable for infants and the elderly with bad teeth. For most people, it is better to eat fruit or drink less fruit juice.

reason 1: drinking a cup of pure fruit juice is equivalent to eating three fruits

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