Can pure milk be heated?

pure milk is very common. This kind of drink has high nutritional value. Pure milk contains a lot of protein, calcium, fat, water, energy and carbohydrate. Therefore, the choice of pure milk can be carried out without any harm to human health. Can pure milk be heated, Many people like heating when they choose pure milk.

when drinking pure milk, it also needs some methods. When drinking this kind of drink, it can’t be carried out at will. Can pure milk be heated? Here’s a detailed introduction, so that we can have some understanding.

can pure milk be heated:

some people worry that the nutrition of fresh milk will be lost after being heated. Is that really the case? In fact, milk can be moderately heated, but there are a few things you should know.

boil milk with low heat: it will destroy the vitamins in milk by oxygen.

boiling milk: milk is rich in amino acids. Under high temperature, amino acids and sugar form amino acids in milk are not only absorbed and absorbed by human body, but also affect human health. Colloidal protein particles in milk can dehydrate into gel form at 60 degrees centigrade. The phosphoric acid in milk changes from acid to neutral and precipitates at this temperature.

therefore, the heating temperature of milk should not be too high. When it is heated to 100 ℃, not only the color, aroma and taste of milk are reduced, but also the nutritional value is greatly reduced.

so, how to heat milk correctly? In fact, the use of water heating method is the most appropriate. If you use the microwave oven to heat, you should be careful not to take a long time. As the temperature is high, the nutrients of milk will be destroyed. You should also pay attention to the uneven temperature when using the microwave oven to heat, so you should shake it before drinking to avoid being scalded.

through the above introduction, can pure milk be heated? Pure milk can also be heated, but when heating, it should also be carried out in an appropriate amount, not too hot, otherwise it will also have a great damage to the nutritional elements of milk, so we should pay attention to this point. Drinking pure milk is also the best choice.

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