Can raw eggplant lose weight? Precautions for eating eggplant

Can raw eggplant lose weight? Can raw eggplant reduce weight?

whether eating raw eggplant is good for health, and whether it can reduce weight, blood pressure and blood lipid, some health experts have questioned the method of eating raw eggplant to reduce weight.

in fact, the main substance that can absorb oil in eggplant is dietary fiber, and whether eggplant can absorb oil has little to do with the raw and cooked eggplant. Because oil absorption is completed by dietary fiber, and temperature does not change the physical and chemical properties of dietary fiber. If you need a lot of oil to cook and fry eggplant, you can also eat steamed eggplant. There is no need to eat raw eggplant.

not all vegetables can be eaten raw, some vegetables are also very easy to cause poisoning, and even carcinogens. Generally speaking, solanine in the old raw eggplant content is higher, if you eat tender, eat less, may not appear obvious acute poisoning symptoms. However, it can not be concluded that eating raw eggplant will not be toxic. When there is numbness in the mouth, we need to be alert. There is no scientific basis to say that eating raw eggplant is more effective than eating cooked eggplant to reduce weight and drain oil. Obviously, there is no truth and any basis to use raw eggplant instead of breakfast.

precautions for eating eggplant

1. A large number of raw eggplant is easy to be poisoned

. There is a substance called solanine in eggplant, which has the functions of antioxidation and inhibition of cancer cells, and is one of the sources of eggplant health care; However, it has a strong stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, and has an anesthetic effect on the respiratory center. Poisoning occurs when the intake of human body is high.

solanine is insoluble in water, so it can not be removed by blanching or boiling. Adding vinegar when cooking will help to destroy and decompose solanine.

the best way to prevent solanine poisoning is naturally to control the intake. However, under normal circumstances, a meal of about 250 grams of eggplant will not cause any discomfort, so we do not have to panic.

2, mixed eggplant mud is the most healthy way to eat

although there are many ways to eat eggplant, most of them have higher cooking temperature and longer cooking time, which is not only greasy, but also a great loss of nutrition. The loss of vitamin in fried eggplant was more than 50%. Of all the ways to eat eggplant, mashed eggplant is the healthiest.

3, eggplant eating method, meat and vegetables are suitable,

can be fried, burned, steamed, boiled, but also fried, cold, soup. Eat eggplant had better not peel, because eggplant skin contains vitamin B, vitamin B and vitamin C is a good partner, vitamin C metabolism process needs vitamin B support, skin eggplant helps to promote the absorption of vitamin C. Eggplant must not be eaten raw to avoid poisoning.

4. Choose fresh eggplant during pregnancy

. When choosing eggplant, friends during pregnancy should also choose fresh eggplant. It’s better not to choose old eggplant, especially after autumn. It contains more solanine, which is harmful to human body and should not be eaten more.

5, eggplant and crab meat do not eat together

eggplant and crab meat are cold food, eat together often make the stomach feel uncomfortable, serious will lead to diarrhea, especially the spleen and stomach deficiency cold people should avoid food.

people who are not suitable for eating eggplant

1. Because eggplant is a cold vegetable, it is not suitable for pregnant women who have indigestion, diarrhea, spleen and stomach deficiency, loose stool symptoms.

2, after the autumn eggplant has certain toxins, its taste is bitter, it is best to eat less, especially diabetic patients should eat less before surgery and try not to eat eggplant.

3, eggplant contains very low calories, the elderly and obese people may as well often eat. Eggplant is cold. People who are easy to grow prickly heat and boils can eat more eggplant, but those with spleen stomach deficiency and asthma should not eat more eggplant.

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